10 Simple SEO Tips for Beginners to Promote Their Website

Search Engine Optimization is a very important factor for ranking your website. The success of your website depends mainly on your SEO strategy. Just building backlinks and creating content is not SEO. You would need to have a well-structured website to get ranking in search engines.

What worked last year may not work this year. SEO continues to change each year. Let us see the simple SEO steps for beginners to promote their website.

10 Simple SEO Tips for Beginners to Promote Their Website

Simple SEO Tips

Content is King

The statement “Content is King” is evergreen. You need to create content that should be useful for your readers. It should also be unique.

Always do keyword research in order to find keywords that you can rank easily. Include those low competition keywords on your post and you can easily rank your website for it.

Add Alt text for all your images

Image Optimization is very important. Search bots cannot read your images. To help them read your images correctly, you need to add the ALT text for your images.

ALT text helps the bots to crawl images easily. Make sure to keep your elements and ALT text accurate and descriptive.

Interlink your pages

Internal linking of pages helps search engines to better crawl your pages. This will also help to drive more traffic to your fewer traffic pages. But remember, keep links to a smaller number. Only interlinks related pages.

Use Proper Anchor Text

Use proper anchor text for your internal links and backlinks. Avoid common text like “Click here”, “Visit this page” etc.

Proper Anchor text not only increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) but also improve your SEO.

Submit a Sitemap to Google

Creating and Submitting a sitemap will help search engines to better index your pages. You can create a sitemap for your static site from XML-sitemaps.com.

For WordPress blog, you can consider the Google sitemap generator plugin. Also offer a sitemap to your users, which links important pages in your site.

Build minimum links

Link building is important for SEO. But SEO is not link building. So don’t concentrate more on link building.

Excessive and unnatural links to your site will hurt your SEO. Always build links from related niche sites.

Don’t participate in link exchange programs and stay away from paid links.

Social Engagement

Your site’s popularity and social performance are now counted as a ranking factor. To build a social media presence. Create a Facebook page, Google+ profile and Twitter account to promote your site.

Actively interact with your followers and build trust.

Provide Social Sharing Buttons

If you have great content, people will naturally share it. To create unique and useful content people love to share. Of course, provide an easy sharing button on your website.

Website Speed

People always love to visit a speed loading site. Google added website speed as a ranking factor. You can easily increase your site speed with small changes. I have written an article about how to increase website speed.

Reliable web host

Last but not least is a reliable web host. Your web host has a good role in your SEO. So always consider the best web host with good uptime, speed, and support.