3 Ways to Achieve Your Goal on Instagram by Kenza Boutrif Model

From the outside, it may seem that being an influencer on Instagram is a very easy job and it just requires you to share your daily routine on the platform. However, becoming an influencer, followed by thousands, and managing all the branding is not an easy task. While Instagram provided a platform for young people with no background, to launch their career as an influencer, the success is never overnight and requires great efforts.

There are many things that you need if you want to achieve your Insta goal and the number of active followers is the main thing many influencers strive to increase. So, let us see what the famous influencer, Kenza Boutrif, has to say about success on Instagram and what is her 3 steps formula.


Kenza Boutrif fashion model says that consistency is the major key to your success. If you want to achieve fame and want to do something special, you must remain consistent. If you miss this important attribute, then you are most likely to discontinue midway and won’t finish.

There is always a point in everyone’s life where they want to stop because of continuous failures. However, if you dream big and remain consistent, only then you can achieve something bigger. You must know what you want to achieve and must tackle all the failures that come your way. Even if you fail, a consistent person will rise again with more power.


Another way to achieve your Insta goal is to have faith in yourself. People easily develop faith in other people while doing the same in oneself is a difficult thing. In hard times, usually, you won’t find anyone to motivate you, and this is your battle to fight.

If you believe that you can achieve your goal, then your mind operates differently as opposed to when you are unsure if you can achieve it or not. When you have a clear vision in your mind and know what you want to achieve, then it will become very easy for you to achieve the task. First, believe in yourself and then other people will also start believing in you.

Identify your audience

The third way that the Kenza Boutrif model explains for achieving your Insta goals is to know your audience and develop a pool of loyal fans. You must be very clear about the people to whom you are trying to appeal. Instead of making everyone happy and posting generic content, post content that targets a specific group. When you know your audience, it becomes quite easier to post content that they like.

Kenza Boutrif believes that self-discipline and self-belief is the key if you want to achieve success in a shorter time. Added with a good knowledge of your audience, you can make the most out of your influencer career on Instagram. Believe in your skills, be confident, but always remain humble and never overestimate your abilities as one single mistake will harm all of your reputations.