4 Different Ways of Quran Learning

The Holy Quran is the most beloved and divine book for the Muslims that teaches them everything about the different aspects of life. It has the solution to all your physical, mental and social problems. It is the key to peace and unity. Quran has the answer to all of your questions. Learning of Quran serves as a keystone in the life of a true Muslim.

One of the amazing objective of learning Quran is that it shows people the real and the true path and can relieve them form all sorts of distress, pains and burden. In this modern era, the way people see and perceive things has completely changed. With the advancement in science and technology, the world has now become more and closer and this closeness has made access to sharing information much easier by introducing online quran classes for your kids.  The Islamic world has also undergone transformation and advancement. Muslims are spread throughout the world and are eager to fine new way to learn Quran. This article will enlighten you with different ways of Quran Learning.

Historical Ways of Quran Learning

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was the first ever Quran teacher and his companions were the first ever Quran learners. The chain of Quran learning started from there. Later mosques were established. The teachers used to be present at the mosque or madrassas and then student would go to learn the Holy Quran from their teachers and get their daily lessons. This method is also applicable in some fractions of the world now. However, new and modern ways have already been introduced in the ways in which Muslims learn the Holy Quran.

Learning Quran in Mosques

One of the most common and conventional ways of Quran learning is by going to the mosques. Mosques were the only places in the ancient times where the message of Allah Almighty was spread. It was the only place where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was to share the revelations made to him with his companions. This tradition of learning the Holy Quran in mosques have ever since become the part of the modern world.

Modern Ways

Quranic apps have now been introduced which has made the self-learning of Quran much easier. The use of smart phones and apps have become common, so they are the perfect platform for learning the Holy Quran without even having any instructor. Muslims should consider several features of Quranic applications before learning. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Word to word:

Such Quranic apps must have a word to word system of learning as it is the best way to learn the correct pronunciation. You can also learn the various ways through which different alphabets can be combined to form each word.

  • Transliteration

Quranic apps should also have transliteration as it will help the Muslims who are new to Arabic to make sure that they pronounce each word accurately.

  • Audio Recitation

A great app should also have audio recitation as it will help the learners to correct any mistakes that they make in their pronunciation

Quran Academies

In today’s digital era, people can learn Quran from the Online academy. These academies have also been introduced that have qualified teachers. Some of the academies also have an individual system of teaching. These are the best ways to learn Quran as you don’t have to go anywhere. You will only need access to internet for learning.