4 Ways to Avoid Paying 119 dollars for Amazon Prime Free-Shipping

4 Ways to Avoid Paying $119 for Amazon Prime Free Shipping | PCMag

Prime is open for a 30 days free trial that allows its audience to analyze without paying and performing that money based strategy. Enroll the membership during holidays to attain the opportunity of free-shipping on the gifts you buy. You can also register for the membership by paying about 12.99 to 13 dollars per month. Therefore, if you think to utilize the opportunity for a better period, the 119 dollars yearly amount will be a more favorable deal.

The chief prime membership perk is open, two days of shipping, and that would be than in one day. It doesn’t mean that Prime members will get to shop as they will also have access to amazon prime music, video streaming, excellent reading, and more. If you use amazon frequently and have not subscribed to prime yet, then don’t wait and subscribe to it now.

But maybe you’re on funds and are watching for alternatives to spending fewer than 119 dollars for the membership and several other advantages. Here are some choices-

1. Register as a student at Amazon

Registering with a student account will help you get a discount on the money you pay. It even allows you to access trial membership for more than one month, a six months trial. However, students will attain two-day shipping opportunities, free shipping, access to videos, reading, and photos of prime. Not only this, Amazon will charge about 59 dollars each year until the convocation. To be a prime student, one needs a .edu mail id to register as without that; they cannot.

2. Receive the EBT or the Medicaid deals

Besides, if you own an Electronic Benefit transfer or the Medicaid card, you can easily enroll for the prime membership at 5.99 dollars per month. It is until four years, and when your account gets established, you can be considered qualified. With that, you can enjoy accessing prime music, video, photos, free-shipping, and other benefits as well.

3. Spend 25 dollars or even more

If you like free-shipping, then Amazon gives free shipping on purchases of 25 dollars or even extra for the users who are not the prime members, with estimated delivery within 5 to 8 market days. With numerous articles, it’s not challenging to pick about some items to reach the 25-dollar stamp. Sometimes, several items are unavailable; see for “FREE-Shipping” texting on the particular merchandise page to view if the thing you desire surpasses. Users can access free transportation accessing gift-cards without employing the 25 dollars total, Amazon states. If you’re merely shy of just 25 dollars, select a common, add-on thing.

4. Get a Subscription & Save deal Membership

Buyers who manage to obtain the identical items that must outlook a Subscription and Save deal Membership. Meanwhile, this doesn’t include everything available on the Amazon website; members are eligible to save about 15% on purchases and obtain free-shipping on each Subscribe and Save order. Affiliates must choose suitable items and pick a delivery program for a subscription. While it’s not as comprehensive as Amazon’s Prime-membership, it’s useful and deserves a look.

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