5 Benefits Of Health Insurance For Senior Citizens!


Aging is inevitable and comes with innumerable troubles related to diverse aspects. One of the most common consequences of aging is the deterioration of health. As you grow older, your immunity lowers down and results in endless physical ailments.

That’s when health insurance comes handy in taking care of both the financial as well as social aspects. Every senior citizen out there must consider getting health insurance that ensures top-notch cover of the medical expenses. Along with this, the bonus, and post-hospitalization expenses add to the overall benefits of health insurance. 

Keep reading to know the top benefits of medical insurance policies for the seniors out there.

1. Diverse Insurance Availability:

Nowadays, insurance companies come up with a diverse range of features. These features are highly specific and suit both the individual as well as family requirements. All you need to do is list down your requirements and find the medical insurance that adheres to all of them.

From individual insurance policies to multiple policyholders, you can find absolutely any type. However, it would help if you researched more about the insurance options beforehand. Along with this, try to list down the ecstatic features that might add to your health in the coming days.


  • Individual Health Insurance is suitable for a single person. Also, it covers the surgical as well as medical treatment finances until the policy limits. You can choose the best premium after analyzing your medical requirements and age limits.
  • Family Health Cover is the best choice for a nuclear family. It covers the medical expenses of every individual under the policy. As far as the premium is concerned, then the age of the eldest member is likely to be considered.
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance is the best one for a person who’s more than 65 years of age. However, you might find the premium for this category to be a bit higher than the others.
  • Critical Illness Insurance works for all the severe ailments like carcinomas, paralysis, and others. One of the key features of this type is that it requires only the diagnosis of the disease to release the amount without any hassles.
  • Burial Insurance covers both the medical treatment as well as funeral expenses of an individual. This final expense insurance is ideal for senior citizens or people with severe medical ailments.

2. Medical Expenses Covered:

Medical emergencies can be quite difficult to handle especially when you don’t have enough finances ready. In such situations, health insurance plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth medical treatment process. The insurance takes care of almost every medical treatment cost, be it the hospitalization or consultation.

Not only does this take away the financial load, but it also ensures a hassle-free recovery without any mental strain. Since the elderly age group is more likely to go through medical ailments, it is essential to get a reliable medical insurance policy.


  • Hospitalization Expenses, from regular meals to treatment, come under the cover of medical insurance. You don’t need to pay a penny to the hospital right away.
  • Day-Care Procedures and Investigations might turn out to be a major burden on your pocket. That’s when the health insurance comes to your rescue and covers the finances.
  • Domiciliary Expenses comprise all the treatments that occur in the patient’s household, but ideally should be carried out in a hospital setting. This might occur when the hospital is out of beds or the patient’s condition is highly unstable. Also, health insurance covers this aspect of medical treatment as well. 

3. Cashless Claims:

One of the best advantages of health insurance is the cashless claims feature. Under this feature, the insurance company takes care of the hospitalization expenses on its own. That means you don’t have to spend hours fetching the finances from the insurer.

This feature emerges to be of utmost utility in case of medical emergencies that require instant financial support. You don’t need to spend a penny from your pocket as your insurance provider takes care of it directly. However, in some cases, the policyholder might need to use the services of a hospital that comes under the network of the insurance company. 

4. Pre and Post-Hospitalization Costs:

Other than the regular hospitalization expenses, some insurers also provide financial support before and after the admission. This simply means that the insurance company might take care of every cost related to the treatment. Pre-Hospitalization Finances include primarily the consultation, medications, and investigation costs that the patient pays. However, you must apply within the stipulated time duration as advised to be eligible for this benefit.

Post-Hospitalization charges include every penny you spend on your medical treatment after getting discharged from the hospital. Even these take care of the medications, tests, and other aids taken to monitor the recovery. With the advent of modernization, the insurance companies emerge with extraordinary benefits that ease out the whole treatment process. All you need to do is lookout for the best features suitable for geriatric health diseases and enroll for the same.

5. No-Claim Bonus:

Have you ever heard of the claim bonuses that the policyholder gets for a claim-less year? Insurers provide the senior citizens or other holders with a claim bonus that adds to the overall medical benefits. This is applicable only for the year during which the holder doesn’t file any medical claim. Some insurers increase your medical cover amount while the others cut down a specific amount from your payable premium as the bonus. Either way, it’s the policyholder who benefits out of the bonus. 


  • Discount On Premium is one of the most common ways of rewarding the policyholders. In this, the insurers reduce the total payable premium amount. That way, the senior citizens might save a few bucks by keeping themselves healthy.
  • Cumulative Benefit is the second bonus that the holders might get for every claim-free year. In this, the total insured amount increases by a specific percentage for every year during which you don’t claim.

Final Verdict:

Medical insurances are highly effective, especially for all the senior citizens who are prone to innumerable medical abnormalities. To secure the financial aspects of your health, you must choose the ideal health insurance with maximum benefits. This provides total coverage of the medical expenses, from domiciliary to treatment aspects. What’s even better is that some insurers also take care of the pre and post-hospitalization aspects.

You might go for senior citizen insurance for additional advantages. However, the premium for elderly insurance tends to be higher than that of the individual one. Either way, health insurances always come with extraordinary medical cover and better financial security in medical emergencies.