5 Most Common Reasons And Solutions For Love Life

Does it happen to you too? When the organ is not standing correctly, the wheels in your head spin at full speed, and you are looking for answers to several questions. Why did it happen? Is there a problem with me or my partner?

An erection problem can arise for several reasons. Along with naming the issues, we also bring you solutions to solve a specific problem.

Psyche (stress, anxiety, fear of intimacy, guilt)

It all starts in the head—also impulses to make your organ stand properly. For a firm erection throughout physical intercourse, you need to relax and feel comfortable. However, if you are below the impact of anxiety, your psyche will be disturbed, your body will be tense.

As a result of stress, various emotional, physical, and mental reactions can be induced in the body. These often lead to narrowing of blood vessels, even those that lead directly to the organ. This disrupts blood flow, which is the basis for a good erection.

Increased stress can also increase the risk of deteriorating health and diagnoses that can help cause insufficient erections: high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, obesity.

The solution

The key is to identify what is causing stress reactions in your life, and after naming them, it will be easier to deal with them. The following general recommendations also apply to stress relief:

  • try to eliminate the source of stress;
  • learn to relax, meditate and enjoy moments of rest (recommended especially when you cannot concentrate, even during love);
  • drink in balance (or not at all) and do not die your alcohol problems;
  • stop smoking and other unhealthy habits (smoking promotes the development of stress);
  • exercise regularly – it works as a prevention of obesity, high blood pressure, and the development of heart disease;
  • do not be terrified to ask for advice (e.g., in managing work tasks);
  • take regular care of your health (preventive check-ups);
  • solve all relationship problems that cause you stress and anxiety;
  • Combine individual strategies with each other.

Diet and lifestyle

Poor consumption and decrease in physical activity are another cause of erection problems. How is it possible to put these things together? When it comes to diet, too much fat harms your health and your vascular system. Preventing proper blood circulation to the organ can cause it not to function as it should. The lack of important nutrients in the food can also take care of that.

The solution

Many studies confirm that regular exercise can significantly help with erection problems and erectile dysfunction. It promotes overall health and positively affects blood flow, exactly where it is needed. The frosting on the cake will be an extra resilient, sportier body and a confident man. 30 minutes of activity four times a week is enough.

Replace fast food with healthier versions that will contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals, not just a large dose of unhealthy fats and sugars. Did you know that some vegetables also benefit your erection? Other natural means by which you can enrich your diet are the ground anchor or the Peruvian maca, which positively affects erection.

Denying male problems

One of the reasons that the organ does not want to stand or does not stand long enough is the inappropriate, insufficient, or no treatment for intimate problems. Not every man is willing to solve their problem by visiting an expert or talking to a partner.

The solution

Be proactive. The problem with limb tracing can also signal more severe diseases, to which your body reacts in this way. It’s also good to “clean up” in your relationships and talk to your partner that the problem has arisen. This will show a willingness to get the situation under control. You could lose a lot from your inaction – an otherwise functioning relationship or good health.

Prescription medicine

The treatment of some chronic diagnoses requires the use of various drugs, the “side effect” of which can be problems in the intimate area. These are mainly medicines for high blood pressure, antidepressants, painkillers, hormonal treatment.

The solution

Consult your doctor about the options. In addition, there is certified medicine like Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 that supports physical fitness for a long time and has a beneficial effect on erection and libido.

Sedentary job

Men who spend hours sitting also notice that the organ does not stand as it should. Hours and hours behind the wheel or in the office at the computer can also be reflected in an organ indicator.

The solution

We assume that you will not change jobs. Therefore, make up for the time spent sitting and physically “idling” for various physical activities. Morning run, tourist, walk after dinner with my partner, swimming during lunch break…

Find a suitable activity that you will enjoy, and you will kill more flies with one blow. You relieve stress, develop a movement routine, and regain a firm erection for your organ. Believe that (it) will be worth it.

If you have decided not to accept that your disobedient organ will determine the direction of your love life, we have presented you with a decent arsenal of weapons. Grab them and make sure the organ stands just as it should.