6 Lifestyle disabilities that causes ED

Erectile dysfunction, abbreviated as ED, commonly defines as the inability to sustain the erection of the penis during sexual intercourse or not getting an erection during the sexual performance.

ED is very common to men after a certain age but in todays wreak havoc world it is now very common to young men also. And the common question those who are suffering from erectile dysfunction at a very young age have is “why erectile dysfunction has occurred to me at this very young age?”

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So, let’s know from you whether you have a very highly maintained and balanced lifestyle or you are leading a carefree and unhealthy lifestyle?

If your answer is unhealthy and not maintained properly lifestyle then you have your answer. One of the prime reasons for erectile dysfunction is leading to unhealthy and bad lifestyles.

Here is the list of few lifestyle issues that cause erectile dysfunction in young men:


We all know that being heavily weighted is not that good for our physical health, it brings out many diseases in our body. Maintaining weight along with BMI is a very necessary thing to have a disease-free lifestyle. Yet, did you realize that being overweight makes your body transform testosterone into estrogen? This is the one reason why researchers accept the overweight and inactive way of life that means with no physical activities, exercises, bad food habits can cause erectile dysfunction.

But, this issue can be treated if you start having a few physical exercises, taking stairs instead of a lift, brisk jogging in the morning can increase your metabolism and physical strength and will help in the reduction of excess fat from your body, with all these you will start noticing that your erection problem is getting improved and enduring for a longer period. Maintain a proper physical activity and diet plan in your lifestyle.


Diabetes is such a mind-boggling diagnosis for some reason, and erectile dysfunction is one such problem that arises due to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. People with prolonged Diabetes type 1 and type 2 both suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Generally, older men suffer from diabetes, according to an earlier report 2-12% of older men suffer from uncontrollable blood sugar level. But now, it’s around 50% of men have diabetes and they suffer from ED. So, now you should get by now that having high sugar content food, talking stress, leading a sedentary lifestyle will damage your insulin-producing cells present in the pancreas and will cause diabetes. And diabetes will cause erectile dysfunction. 


Heart diseases and erectile dysfunction goes hand in hand. Also, high BP and high cholesterol levels in the body damage the beta cells of the pancreas which produce insulin and interferes with insulin regulation. But have you wondered why heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol level increase in our body?

Bad food eating habits like having high trans-fat food, high sugar, and carbohydrate-containing food items will block your arteries with bad cholesterol, hence blood will have difficulty in reaching the heart, hence there will be an increase in the blood pressure and will result in coronary diseases easily. And, heart disease will cause erectile dysfunction due to irregular blood transport.


If you are a regular and heavy smoker then no one can stop you from having erectile dysfunction. Now you will ask why? Why not? We all know that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking tobacco or nicotine will decrease blood regulation in the entire body. And since blood flow reduces hence in the penis there is very low blood gushing and this results in erectile dysfunction.

But, ED can be treated if you quit smoking.


Many medications cause erectile dysfunction for some side effects. And this incorporates some antidepressants, some blood pressure medicines, antihistamines, few acid heartburn medicines, and opioid painkiller medicines. And this is not the end list, there are other medicines also. But these are prime which causes ED. Taking alcohol with these drugs and having drug abuse will have a drastic effect on your erectile issue. Before using any medications especially these on always consult a doctor because these meds worsen the case of erectile dysfunction.


You have presumably heard the expression “mind over the issue” previously. All the things considered, with regards to erectile dysfunction, your cerebral assumes a significant function to accomplish an erection. In case you are under pressure, stress, or any psychological problems then your cerebrum cannot send signals properly and this result is less testosterone hormone production and cause erectile dysfunction. For example, you are going through depression or a relationship fight, or any sort of thing which is causing your mental disturbances or diverting your inner peace then these might affect your hormonal balance and result in ED.

These are some of the few lifestyle issues that cause ED in young men. When you take care of these, you will get benefitted in different ways. If you are already a patient of ED, then curing the same will be easier and if you are not a patient, you will remain safe form the ED.

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