7 Simple DIY Canvas Painting Ideas

Canva Painting Ideas

Beautifully painted canvas adorning the walls and brightening the corners of your house: don’t you feel like you want them, too? However, you tell yourself that you aren’t a painter or an art student to develop such unique pieces. Who says you need to have the skills of Bob Ross to start painting some canvases? Once you have the right DIY canvas painting idea, you don’t need much exceptional talent to come up with an attractive piece.

The best part of this whole process is that you can get the canvas ready within an hour. And, it’s way cheaper than actually buying a painting. So, on that note, here are the seven simple DIY painting ideas to get you started on the right note.

1. Geometric art with tape

Simply reading this first idea will give you a clue about how easy painting can be for you. So, take your canvas, some metallic spray paint or acrylic paint (the better choice), and get ready. Paint the entire canvas in your chosen shade of acrylic paint or spray paint, and let this base coat dry out. Afterward, place your masking or painter’s tape all over the canvas in the way that you want the design to look like. Fill in the gaps between the tapes with contrasting shades, and let it dry again.

Pull the tapes off, and your work of art is ready. In fact, how about trying the same technique to create an accent wall in your home?

2. Splash and splatter paint

This one would seem a lot like the earlier idea, but it’s more fun to create. Start by thinking of your favorite quote and get a cut out of it to act as a stencil for this painting. Take your canvas and put it somewhere outside because you will make the surroundings a bit dirty with paint. Now, go crazy with colors and splatter paint all over the canvas. There’s no need to follow a pattern or think of the right way. Simply go crazy with colors, let the canvas dry, and then use the stencil to put your chosen quote on the canvas.

3. Pixelated painting

You will need oil on canvas to get going on this one. Divide your entire canvas with squares of equal sizes. Now, select the primary color whose shade variations you will be using for the whole canvas. Fill each of the squares with a different shade of the same color, such as ash gray, steel gray, charcoal grey, and so on.

4. Colorful yarn painting

Your prop for this piece is the humble yarn found in every household. The first thing you will have to do is paint the yarn in your favorite color. You can take two to three long pieces of yarn, and paint them in different colors, too. Paint the entire canvas in a contrasting color to those yarns. After the canvas dries down, stick the colorful yarn across the canvas in an abstract manner, and you’re done.

5. Ombre canvas for quotes

Ombre is like the latest trend this year, which is being used in every department, from hair colors to fancy cakes. You can also try out ombre art for your walls? All you need to do for this one is to paint the blank canvas with more paint gradually to bring out an ombre appearance. If you are good at calligraphy, write out the quote on the canvas after it dries or uses stencils for the same.

6. Beach vibes painting

Are you an absolute water baby who loves going to the beach? Show some love for the seas by creating a beach-inspired painting for your bedroom. You will have to layer the canvas with soothing blue tones that look like flowing water. Use contrasting tones to dark and light blue to make it resemble the ocean. You can keep it nautical for you to paint your favorite sea-related quote on it.

7. Stencil painting

Apart from your art supplies, one of the main things you will need for this one are stencils of different shapes and sizes. So, you can get shapes like circles, diamonds, squares, and so on. Create an abstract or proper geometrical pattern on the canvas using the stencils. Now, fill each of the shapes with any random color of your choice. Put this up on that white or neutral-shaded wall in your home to balance out the colors.

The Final Touches

As you can see, there is no need to have a degree in fine arts to create some beautiful pieces of painting to adorn the walls of your home. So, go ahead and get those painting supplies today to put the ideas mentioned above to good use. Proudly sign your name below the artwork you’ve created, and wait for the guests to shower you with compliments.