Advantages Of Using Wood And Most Common Woodworking Machinery For Sale

Wood has been used since ages for various purposes, early humans used wood to make crude spears which enable them to hunt down animals and as the human society progressed wood begin to be used for a variety of purposes such as –furniture, making houses, toys, utensils, etc. At first, the humans used to manually work on wood by using woodworking tools but after the industrial revolution and other advancements in science, woodworking machinery for sale are readily available for mass manufacturing wooden articles quickly and without much human intervention (except loading/unloading wood and monitoring the systems).

What are the advantages of using wood?

Wood has several unique properties that make it more advantageous to use than plastic or metal. To start with, wood is lighter in weight than metal and unlike metal is resistant to corrosion. Wood is also cheaper in price as compared to a high-quality plastic and metal.

Wood is relatively easy to work with than metal or plastics, which needs high temperatures to melt and cast or weld/bond together while all wood needs are glue and nails. Also, the woodworking machinery for sale is way cheaper than the plastic molding machines or lathe machines and welding kit for metals.

Another advantage of wood is it’s durability and any wooden article, as long as it is waxed and painted properly to avoid termite infestation, can outlast any similar plastic or metal article

Common Industrial woodworking machines and the process of producing wooden articles

In order to mass-produce wooden equipment, several woodworking machines are employed, some of which are-

  • Table saws – Table saws are used to cut the logs of wood into different sized boards or sheets of varying thickness. A table saw consists of a blade( rotating saw) set up on a flat surface and a channel to feed the logs to the blade.
  • Jointers – Jointers are used to level and straighten the edges a wood board.
  • Shapers – After the edges are smoothened, shapers further cut the board into smaller standard pieces of different length and designs. Provision for simple joints at the edges of the wooden pieces is made such as – Finger Joint, T joint, Butt Joint, etc.
  • Routers – For making intricate patterns of joints on at the edges of the wooden piece such as Dovetail joints, Mortise and tenon and rabbet joints, which cannot be made by shapers, a special detailing machine ‘Router’ is used.

After the process has been completed, different pieces are jointed and fitted, glued or nailed together in order to create a wooden article.

Wood is a durable, versatile and cheap material to work with and if one is interested in pursuing woodworking as a hobby there are several small-scale and affordable woodworking machinery for sale.