Answers to all the questions related to Ethical Hackers

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is the way of finding the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in system security. These vulnerabilities are used to gain unauthorized system access to steal confidential information and delete the files. Hacker also helps organizations to resolve the security issues to avoid unauthorized access. Hacking can be legal as well as illegal.

If done with appropriate permissions, hacking is legal. Companies hire experts to find the vulnerabilities in their system security to fix them. Illegal hacking can lead to extreme consequences if caught. Ethical hackers hack system with permission, without any ill intent to find weaknesses in the system and report back to organizations for fix and paycheck. Both ethical and illegal hackers use the same tools, methods, processes, and techniques to find vulnerabilities.

How to Start the Ethical Hacking?

How to begin with hacking depends on your current role? If you are related to cyber security, computer science, and information technology field, it can be easily compared to newbies. Ethical hacking is a very vast field and you need to understand the basic to build a great skill set. You should be familiar with basic security concepts and require deep knowledge about the application and network security before you set up the toolchain.

After getting the security concepts understanding and ethical hacking techniques, the next step is to start with practical. To become a professional hacker, you will have to practice the attacking and defense for complex scenarios.

Apart from technical skills, the ethical hacker should be a creative thinker to predict and protect the systems. He should have good communication skills to communicate the problems. As a beginner, it is very difficult to get a job in organizations. You will have to start with basic jobs like system analyst or tech support.  You can get the ethical hacker certification like CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification to boost your carrier. If you want to get hired in a good organization then certifications like CEH certification are required because they help you in understanding the business imperative.  CEH certified hackers are highly paid and are in high demand.

These certifications help in achieving the minimum standard required for ethical hacking and companies will know that you agreed to a code of conduct and ethics. There are numerous other certifications available which teach similar skills.