Armored Vehicles Manufacturing Companies

People possessing high physical risk in the public often require bouncers to safeguard them with any sort of serious mishaps. But in certain situations, the bodyguards are celebrities and politicians are left helpless and it may be the best time for the criminal to act. Hence, safeguarding every bit is of utmost importance and so are the automotive they travel in. To protect the vehicles the car armors are explicitly fit on the cars. It is a great move as the risk possessed by these important personalities is reduced and is safeguarded by external protection.

Such armored vehicles are manufactured or modified by the Inkas Armored Vehicles company and are based in Canada. It specializes in designing and protection of various types of vehicles including luxury sedans, SUVs, limousines, personal carriers and cash in transit vehicles. The company is reputed for its services and provides it to various banks, celebrities, politicians, businessmen, law enforcement agencies and other on-demand requests. The company has severely expanded and is present worldwide offering its services throughout the world. It combines the best in class technology with durable and tested hardware to create magnificent armored vehicles that ensure full safety and protection.

The Inkas Armored Vehicles have produced some of the finest specimens of where luxury meets safety. Some of its prominent manufactured cars are Bentley Bentayga, GMC Yukon Denali, Mercedes-Benz S550, G63 AMG, Cadillac Escalade, Lexus LX570 and many more. These have taken the customers by quite a surprise and have won a multitude of awards to prove its worth. Some of the varied features of Inkas are Security and Defense sensors with an accurate alert system for incoming danger functions in covert situations. It offers a right-hand drive sentry APC which is reengineered for breakthrough performance.

Why Choose Inkas Armored Vehicles?

High Quality of Armoring: The company has been producing world-class armored vehicles for over 20 years and has certainly gained enough experience to put trust in them and are devoted to providing high quality with professional staff, safety culture and industry experience.

Innovative Armoring Technologies: Adopted the latest cutting technologies and implementing in the business has made Inkas quite valuable. It guarantees safety and protection for the metal and passengers.

Certified Materials: Inkas has established itself deep in the industry over time and have gained certifications for all the parts used by their training staff. All the international organizations rely on it due to its certified services and are leading manufacturers of armored vehicles for that reason.