Benefits of Avocado Oil for Hair growth: Step by Step Guide on How to Use the Oil

Considering all the benefits of avocado oil for hair, you want to ensure you make use of them all.

In this nblog, we will go through the steps you need to follow to ensure the best nourishment for your hair.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

Step One: Grab Your Oil

The obvious first step would be to grab your oil. There will be no benefits of avocado oil for hair if you don’t have it with you!

The amount entirely depends on the length and amount of hair you’re dealing with. This means how much oil you’ll be using depends on how much hair there is on your head. Longer and thicker the hair, the more oil required, the shorter and thinner the coat, the lesser the oil required.

Just eyeball the amount you need into a bowl, and we’re off to the next step.

Step Two: Let’s Get Cookin’

No, we don’t need to make a dish here, relax!

Place the bowl with the oil in the microwave and zap it on for no more than thirty-seconds. Hence, ensure you’re using a microwavable bowl; we don’t want a disaster at our hands. We need to warm the oil a little bit, safe to touch and massage through your scalp. When it is warmer, you can jump-start the benefits of avocado oil for hair.

So do check your microwave settings and don’t end up heating the oil instead of warming it.

Step 3: Application Time!

Ready to get oily? Well, we are on this step anyways!

Now, either use your fingers or a tail comb to start parting your hair. Take a small amount and start applying the oil in through the sections. One of the best benefits of avocado oil for hair is that you don’t need to put in a lot of work to apply it evenly.

Ensure you get to all the knocks and crannies of your head and have a suitable amount rubbed in.

Step 4: Massages for the Win!

Now for the fun part, it is even better if you have someone do it for you!

Now, work in small circular motions throughout your head. The pressure used here needs to be adjusted according to each person’s preference. We recommend a gentle pressure, just a light touch that stimulates the nerves in your head. The more you can relax, the better!

Now, falling asleep is your own choice because you need to leave the oil in for some time!

Step 5: Buffer Time!

Even if you do fall asleep after getting the massage, make sure you have your alarm on.

Yes, we do hate alarms ourselves and don’t want to wake you up from your slumber.

However, you don’t need more than 15 to 30 minutes in total to avail all of the benefits of avocado oil for hair. After buffer time out of the way, you are ready to move on to the final step!

Please avoid sleeping, which makes it easier for you to get to the next step.

Step 6: Wishy-Washy!

You are now good to wash off the oil as per your usual shower routine.

It doesn’t even need you to be very aggressive and comes out quickly as it is a light oil. There is no need for a long and methodological way to get rid of the residue.

Now, revel in the aftermath of a deep and nourishing treatment that you have given them!

Keep Oiling…

Just repeat the steps as required each week to keep up with the benefits of avocado oil for hair.

How many times do you oil your hair each week? Let us know in the comments below!