Best Wedding Photography Camera Settings

Wedding day is the most awaited day in everyone’s life, and everybody wants it to be documented by a great photographer. The photographer captures every small detail of the wedding day so that you can relive your happiest moments and can share them with future generations. The professional wedding photographers in Somerset have a unique style and method to deliver alluring clicks. They are experts at creating wedding day memories and a beautiful story, which couple will cherish years from now. 

Wedding photography is the most demanding and crucial style of photography. It’s not easy to shoot the weddings as you will not get another chance to reshoot the things. The wedding photographer must possess good communication skills so that he/she can make the bride and groom comfortable while shooting. It is also necessary to get prepared with all the essential things before going for the wedding shoot. Take all the necessary tools and equipment with you and check if the batteries are fully charged or not. Besides all these things, camera settings also play a vital role to shoot amazing photographs. Hence, the wedding photographer needs to know their camera well to take nice wedding shots.

Following are some camera settings tips that will help you to capture the best wedding shots

The aperture is an hole in the camera through which light enters the sensors. You can adjust image brightness by adjusting the aperture. If you want to capture bright photos, you have to keep the camera aperture low, but you have to keep the camera aperture high if you need low light in the photograph. For the best wedding portrait photography, the camera aperture should be between f/1.4 and f/2.8. On the other hand, while photographing the wedding venue and taking wide shots of the guest, it is better to consider high aperture values like f/16. The aperture settings help set blur background and highlight the subject in the pics.

It is the amount of time the camera takes to open its shutter. Generally, it’s measured in fractions of seconds: like 1sec, 2sec, ¼ sec, etc. The fast shutter speed means no blur effects in the image. This type of camera setting is used for capturing fast-moving subjects like a racing athlete. So, fast shutter speed is best to catch wedding party photographs, where people enjoy dancing. It allows low light to enter the camera; on the other hand, slow shutter speed allows more light to fall on the camera lens. Therefore, high shutter speed is best for day time wedding photography, and low shutter speed suited best for nighttime photography.

ISO refers to the camera’s sensitivity to light, or in simple words the amount of light the camera can capture. The in-built sensor in the camera converts the light into electrical signals. If the sensitivity number is high, the camera sensor becomes more light-sensitive, capturing more light. And, if you lower down  the ISO number, the sensor becomes less sensitive to light and results in dark photos.

To capture sharp wedding photographs in the night or dim light, the experienced photographers use high ISO numbers to allow faster shutter speed and low aperture. But in the presence of sufficient light, there is no need to use high ISO. It will help in reducing the graininess and noise in the image. Many elite photographers who provide wedding photography services in Bristol use low ISO numbers for day wedding shoots.

Natural light is the best for capturing high-quality photographs. Therefore, there is no need to use a flashlight for outdoor wedding shoots, especially in the day time. However, it is essential to use a flashlight for indoor photography or night time weddings to illuminate the scene.

The Bottom Line 

The wedding photography is just not about clicking the photographs, it’s about making someone’s wedding day memorable by creating their beautiful story. It’s a combination of artistic skills and technical knowledge. You can consider the above camera setting tips to enhance your wedding photography tech skills.