Book of Beasts: Fey Lord, Sarimanok

Book Of Beasts

A multicolored rooster with a fabulous tail suddenly grows in size, becoming the height of a man, then just as suddenly changes form, becoming a handsome prince, resplendently garbed, with a glorious cape and a fantastical crown.

Monster Folklore:

Sarimanok, the Rooster Prince, appears either as a handsome man in splendid raiment — always accessorized with an especially ostentatious hat, headdress, turban, or crown — or as a jaunty multicolored rooster, ranging anywhere in size from tiny to gargantuan. His voice is loud and his manner boastful.

Lover of Princesses, Wingman to Rajas

Sarimanok, the Rooster Prince diwata (fairy) of Philippine mythology, stands proud, a Fey Lord!

Sarimanok is as gallant as he is romantic. Sometimes a princess wishes for a handsome prince to take her away, and Sarimanok obliges, stealing her away to be one of his brides in his palace in the clouds. Other times a raja wishes to be reunited with his beloved, and Sarimanok will offer himself as a winged steed to fly him to her, even if she lives on the moon.

Call Up the Dawn

Sarimanok’s job is to call up the dawn. When he crows three times, the sun will rise, causing no end of trouble for undead and other creatures which depend upon night lasting long enough.

Death Brings Doomsday

It is said that when Sarimanok dies, Doomsday will come the next day, for there will be no Sarimanok to call up the dawn. But as has been also noted, Sarimanok has had many brides over the years and a great many sons, and so the Rooster’s Prince’s crown has passed to one heir or another, forestalling Doomsday.

Rouse All But Mortals & Fey

Sarimanok’s voice is loud enough to wake the whole world, all except for humans and the fey. Those two can sleep through his call, but all others will awaken, even from enchanted slumber.

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