China Packing List: The Essential Items To Pack When Traveling To China

China, the world’s fourth-largest country, is one of the popular tourist destinations in Asia. The country is famous for its modern cities and skyscrapers as much as it is for ancient towns and ethnic villages. It boasts a rich history, diverse culture, stunning landscape, and complex cuisine! If you are visiting this vast country for the first time, we understand your excitement at the thought of flying to China[A1] . We also understand your stress when you are unable to decide what to pack. Don’t fret; check out this packing list for travel to China. Pack light and pack right!

Essential travel documents:

Let’s begin the China packing list with the most important documents like original passport, visa (if necessary), photocopies of the same, ID proofs, air tickets, the letter confirming your travel arrangements, travel insurance, and guidebook. Recheck the credit cards and money in your wallet.

Electronics, Power converter, and Adapter:

Along with your regular gadgets like mobile hotspot, headphones, a portable charger, digital camera, and extra batteries, add a power adapter to your China packing list. The power plugs and sockets widely used in China are of Type A, Type C, and Type I. 220 V is the standard voltage, and 50 Hz is the usual frequency. However, it is always advisable to carry a Universal adapter on your international trips so that you’ll be able to charge your electronic devices without any hassle.


Depending on the season and climatic condition of the places you are planning to visit, choose quick-dry clothes/ lightweight jacket/waterproof clothes/layered clothing. Don’t overpack by adding too many formal clothes (unless you are on a business trip). Pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes (you might have to walk a lot). If you are visiting China during the summer months, don’t forget sunglasses, a sun hat, sunscreen, umbrella, etc.

Travel First Aid Kit:

The necessary items to bring to China in your First Aid Kit are regular medications, prescriptions, medicines for common ailments like cold, allergy, indigestion, and diarrhea, and a medical insurance card. Include rehydration salts, insect repellents, alcohol pads, band-aids, and pain relief spray for quick aid during your adventure travel to China. 

Hygiene items:

In addition to your toiletries, make sure you carry hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes for immediate use. Take a reusable pollution mask and ear plugs to protect yourselves from high pollution in the noisy megacities of China. Also, carry sufficient toilet paper as you’ll find that not many public toilets in China are stocked with toilet paper. Consider adding deodorant or deodorant wipes to your China packing list as deodorant isn’t commonly available in China.

Filtered Water Bottle:

We all know that exploring a new place can be exhausting too, and we need to intake large quantities of water to keep ourselves hydrated. The public areas in China provide the facility of free drinking fountains. Always carry a reusable water bottle with a filter that purifies the water you are going to consume. Avoid buying disposable water bottles that harm nature.

China Packing Tips:

  • Unlock your phone and buy a new SIM card from a local carrier once you reach China.
  • Install a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to be able to access websites and apps that are blocked in China.
  • Don’t overload your wallet with cash. ATMs are available everywhere in China.
  • Pre-check the airline’s baggage policies and China’s customs regulations to avoid inconvenience at the airport.
  • The items that you don’t have to carry to China include a hair dryer, jewelry, and other valuables.             
  • See that your luggage has enough room to bring back gifts and souvenirs.

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