Client’s review – An important Marketing tool

How to make most of the client’s reviews:

Every success story of a business depends based on reviews given by a satisfied customer. Due to the surge in amazon e-commerce, most of the people rely on customer reviews before making any purchase. So, it’s always a good idea to include a review or comment expressed in your customers’ own words when marketing your brand on different channels.

Unless we have happy customers to write to them, we can’t generate good reviews. So, it becomes very important to pay attention to the reviews you already have. Sharing real-time experience of customers on your website reflects how you deliver on your brand promise in the real world. A positive customer review might bring to you what other marketing efforts just can’t. 

What are the simple ways to encourage customers to write product reviews?

  • Do your homework and make reviewing easy for them
  • Reward them as it lures them to review your product
  • Send a follow-up email to check their interest
  • Ask quickly after purchase but not too quickly 
  • Ask for help in case they need the same 
  • Survey them to check their experience with the product
  • Tell reviewers exactly what you want

Why are client reviews so important?

Reviews hold so much power within that they can make or break a brand. So, under-estimating this aspect is not good in favor of business.

  • Reviews determine the quality of a local business. 
  • Positive reviews build trust in a local business.
  • Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations 
  • Reliability, expertise & professionalism are the most important reputation traits for a local business. 

Reading a good review builds trust in the buyer about the quality and credibility of your product or service. And encouraging satisfied customers to share their positive experiences online can help businesses generate social proof of their efficient services.

Positive reviews can help people understand how your product can improve their lives along with an increase in your chance of drawing in more traffic to your site. 

How to market your brand using customer reviews?

  • Build reputation by customer reviews: Featuring unedited reviews at a prominent spot on your website works as a word of mouth publicity and will lure your visitors to buy/hire your product/services.
  • Quickly respond to reviews: Responding to reviews helps in enhancing a positive identity and reflects your caring behavior to your customers.
  • Make it easy for customers to review: by making the reviewing process easy and quick helps in receiving more ratings and attract more reviews.
  • Share reviews in promotional emails: Sharing customer feedback in your promotional emails may encourage your customers to purchase on your site.
  • Share customer reviews on social media: Social media platforms are popular places for customers to talk about and leave feedback or reviews for a specific product or business. Collect and leverage positive customer reviews by sharing them on your company’s social media pages.


The power of social proof ought to never be underestimated. The foremost powerful and persuasive selling and sales messages come back from our happy customers. Reviews mirror your business believability and trait amongst future potential shoppers. And, that you simply go higher and on the far side to deliver an excellent product or service. These recommendations are the key to serving customers create selections in the universe of digital marketing.

So, if you’ve not been able to incorporate client reviews and feedback into your selling strategy to support your brand, now’s your chance. Use client reviews strategically and don’t shy away from showing off the greater side of your brand. It’s never too late to take the right step on the right track.