Considering Chiropractic Treatment? Here’s What You Should Know!

Chiropractic Treatment


About two of every three people experience significant low back pain at least at some point in their life. The main reasons for the accentuating number of incidents are an ageing population, increasing obesity and inactivity. As modern predicaments and lifestyle have changed, so have the ways to deal with them.

Nowadays, many people consider chiropractic treatment – a type of complementary healthcare. Although chiropractor is not a medical doctor, they treat the problems that affect muscles and bones.  You should know a bit more about this treatment before you go for it. It will help you to make better decisions about your care if you have some prior knowledge about the subject. Continue reading to know more about chiropractic treatment:

Starting from Scratch:

The word “chiropractic” is derived from two Greek words that signify “hands-on care.” It is a procedure that brings into focus the effects of your bones, muscles and joints on your overall health. Chiropractors neither prescribe medicines nor perform surgery. They restore the movement to your joints by using controlled force with their hands. The treatment may also include exercise as well as lifestyle counselling.

Chiropractors Treat Issues Linked with Muscles and Joints:

Chiropractors treat those issues that are associated with muscles, muscle attachments (tendons), and joints. Most people who consider getting this procedure have back or neck pain. That said, chiropractors treat numerous muscle and joint problems.

This procedure also treats referred pain in which problem in one part of the body causes an effect on the other part. The latest research reveals that chiropractic care yields best results for those who have neck pain, back pain, whiplash injuries, headache and joint problems of the arms or legs.

Chiropractors Go Under Extensive Education and Training Programs:

A chiropractor has the initials “DC” after their name. This simply means that they have to go to college to study pre-medical subjects, which are quite similar to medical doctors. Then they attend an accredited chiropractic college, for a period of 4 to 5 years.

Their studies may include but are not limited to:

  • Anatomy
  • Bone disorders
  • Nervous system disorders
  • X-rays manipulations
  • Exercise therapy
  • Nutrition

Furthermore, chiropractors have to pass a national exam so as to get a license for practice in the state.

Patients Will Have A Physical Exam at Their First Appointment:

First, you will be asked about your problem and then the chiropractor will do a physical analysis for the same. They may ask you to undergo some laboratory tests or an X-ray. The chiropractor won’t treat you if your problem is not addressed by this treatment.

You might get a spinal manipulation at your first visit if it helps. Then, you will be asked to return for more treatments. Your condition will enable them to determine the number of visits you need to cure the problem. Therefore, make sure to ask all the relevant details regarding the treatment.

The Treatment is more Than Just Manipulations and Adjustments:

Chiropractic treatment shouldn’t be restricted with adjustments and manipulations only. This also includes relaxation training, heat and ice, deep tissue work, and exercises.

Some chiropractors may also consider using a device to trigger the movement of your muscles with electricity. They can also give you advice about your overall health. For instance, they may provide you insights related to some important matters including nutrition, diet, weight loss, and other changes you should make to live a healthy life.

Chiropractic Care Is Often Covered by Many Private Insurance Companies:

Always consult with your insurance company before booking your appointments. Make sure your insurance covers this treatment. In case you don’t have insurance coverage, ask your chiropractor about the charges they take per visit and the additional costs to anticipate for treatment services.

The Procedure Stimulates Proper Bone Production: 

Yes, it’s true. Your body is continuously involved in the process of laying down and re-absorbing bone. Ideally, the rates of the former and the latter should be the same. However, quite often, people fail to maintain the balance because of little exercise, poor diet and health habits. Resultantly, they struggle with osteopenia or osteoporosis.

While adjustments shouldn’t be considered as alternatives for other healthy activities such as good nutrition and movement, regular chiropractic care acts as a means to support proper bone production.

In a nutshell, in case you are planning to pay a visit to a chiropractor in Dubai, UAE, get some information about the treatment first. Consider all the pros and cons before you sail the boat.