Different Types Of Tiles Used In Flooring.

There are different types of flooring, depending upon the kind of material used. Wooden flooring, carpeted flooring, and tiled flooring are the main types and are further divided according to the type of material used in their installment.

While choosing the type of tiles, one must keep in mind the location for which you are going to choose it. Some tiles are unique; some are aesthetically beautiful, while others are durable and can endure heavy loading. Just like you won’t use the same tiles for your kitchen and garages.

Extensive range of flooring available:

Porcelain/ Ceramic Tiles:

These tiles are known for their harder and durable nature, and because of this fact, they do not get scratches easily, nor do they dent. They can be used in wet places, so you can install them in kitchens and bathrooms, etc. They only come with one drawback, and that is they break easily; if not, there is no support under them.

Their durability makes them the prime preference when it comes to buildings, malls, plazas, offices, etc. because they are easy to clean as well. You can contact Companies like kontorsstädning Stockholm (office cleaning Stockholm), which hires professional workers to clean your offices and other workplaces.


Timber tiles are one of a kind, and their aesthetically alluring nature makes them the number one choice. Timber is usually known for its durability, but that does not make it scratch proof.

Timber tiles are not the best choice if you live in a humid area. Humidity and moisture make them unfit to be installed. But lately, companies are trying to make humid-proof timber tiles.

Tiles (Natural Stone):

These tiles can be more expensive when compared to ceramic and porcelain and are more decorative and alluring in nature. You will have to seal the tiles properly every so often to make them properly sealed into the place where they are installed.


Carpets are usually made out of wool, polyester, or nylon fibers that are woven or tasseled by the process of heating and making a layer that is attached to a back material. There are many colors, styles, and qualities of carpets available.

Their application and maintenance are easy, and they are very durable. Carpets usually come with special features like heatproof and soundproof. But they get damaged by water, dampness, spillage, etc. they also easily get stained.

Mastic asphalt and polymeric (poured floors):

Polymeric and mastic asphalts are liquids that are poured on to the floors and are left to harden. They set the finishing of the floors. Asphalt and polymeric floors are not very common, but they are the best choice if you are looking for durability and protection from water.

These features have made them commercially and industrially very advantageous. They are the number one choice if you are looking for a pleasing flooring for domestic use.


Laminate flooring is basically a flattened and compact form of plank that is further coated with other flooring materials like wood, stone, etc. to give it the finishing coating.

If you are looking for room flooring and want it to be an aesthetically pleasing yet natural look and looking for something that can be easily installed with long durability, Laminate is the only tiles having all that in one tiling.

And you might get surprised by the fact that you get all these features at a comparatively low cost. Laminate flooring usually does not require any maintenance. Good quality laminates can last for about 20 years without even a single scratch. What else would one need!


Rubber is a synthetic and natural material; rubber tiles are made from recycled rubber. This flooring contains the abilities of rubber and is bouncy and pliable. Rubber tiles are known for their adaptability and flexibility.

Rubber flooring is the best choice on the dance floor and flooring of restaurants where we want to reduce the slippage and the risk of falling down.

Lately, rubber flooring has become very popular because of its application in domestic flooring. Rubber flooring is very famous for being used in gymnasiums because of its slippage proof nature. It is also used in bathrooms and children’s play areas because of its resistance to slippage.

The above discussed are some of the types of flooring materials used for domestic and commercial purposes. The types of flooring used for domestic use and commercial use are quite different from each other because of the fact that we need different features in different environments.

Professional and commercial buildings usually use more durable and flexible tiles that can be cleaned easily and, at the same time, can look appealing to the customers fitting with the overall ambiance of the building.

On the other hand, domestic tiles are more resilient, kid-friendly, slippage-proof, and aesthetically appealing.