Exclusive details that Matthew Lara shared about Lara LLC venture

[CITY July 14, 2021] Independent platforms for talent promotion and making smart social connections are popular. Lara LLC has been working on a project XKNO Proving Grounds that is supposed to be the latest platform for rappers. Giving all new and impressive platforms to the rappers and letting them on board is an initiative by the company.

Founder and CEO of Lara LLC Matthew Lara managed to talk about the recent progress in the development of the app. He mentioned, “From the initial stage we had some specific milestones and in recent times we have been working to achieve these milestones.”

Ensuring the confidence of the investors and other stakeholders, he provided insights into how they are progressing towards their goals. To meet the expected launch on August 2021 the application is in its pre-seed funding stage. With the help of investors coming up to be a part of this project, the team is looking forward to making a remarkable launch in the coming months.

The ultimate opportunity for investors

Matthew explained the development and launches for investors a gold mine in future. He said, “everyone is after numbers. In future, digital viewers are the real numbers that anyone can sell. XKNO Proving Grounds will be an app that will get its 60,000 users with the first launch. The numbers will go international with 200,000 users till 2022.”

The ever-expanding numbers will eventually be a worthy asset for the app and investors at the same time. It will enhance the profits and return to stakeholders at least by 1%. Eventually, the app plans to create a worldwide platform for rap lovers and app users by letting them have Rap battles.

According to the CEO of the company, “there is no doubt by 2023 XKNO Proving Grounds app will be making rounds around the world and giving rap battles at a different version.” He added, “At this point of beta testing, we are looking forward to the investors who believe in future. People who want to be a part of something big and grand. In the coming years, we will be making huge progress together.”

Reviewing all the progression plans and proposals by the Lara LCC,it is confirmed that XKNO Proving Grounds app will be the future. It will add on a huge resource to smart entertainment and marketing option at the same time. Along with the promotion of the rap industry, it will bring more businesses to life. For the investors, it is the right deal to crack.

About Lara LLC 

Lara LLC was founded in October 2020 with its two founders. The company is after developing an app for rap battlegrounds. In collaboration with 19 contractors, it is growing fast and moving towards the final stages. The company is welcoming investors and professional who wants to be the part of this successful venture and be the influencer of future.