Heat Pump Installation – Is It For You?

Male technician installing outdoor unit of air conditioner

The popularity of heat pump installation in Auckland has grown dramatically over recent times. With ever-increasing energy prices and household budgets being tightened, more people than ever before are looking for ways to save money and make their homes more efficient. A heat pump is ideal for any property owner in Auckland because of its numerous advantages. Heat pumps work on solar power and are extremely durable and long lasting. When installed properly, they are also very quiet, which allows ventilation in very small rooms. They also have the advantage of using very little electricity or fuel, meaning that heat pump installation in Auckland should not put a strain on your finances.

It is always important to install heat pumps in the right place, in compliance with building regulations. In general, the best place to install heat pumps is on the ground floor of a multi-story home, so that the noise and vibrations are reduced. The ground-level installation is the safest and also makes it easier to waterproof. Heat pump installation Auckland companies usually take into account the location of existing plumbing before doing any work, so that the installation is as straightforward as possible. There are some Auckland heat pump installation companies that will offer free delivery, so this is something to consider when choosing a company to work with.

As heat pump installations are typically larger than home installations, it may be necessary to consult an expert prior to beginning work. Depending on the size of the outdoor unit and the size of the person undertaking the installation, extra help may be required. Heat pump installation Auckland companies will be able to give advice on how best to make use of existing plumbing and which pipes to bypass. They may also be able to advice on which types of fittings and ducting can be used, how many electrical outlets need to be installed and how many internal fittings and ducts to buy and install.

As with other appliances and buildings, there are various ways to make savings with heat pump installation a consideration for your home or business. For instance, in Auckland, the heat pump installation cost is generally less than in Christchurch, where air conditioning is more expensive, due to the demand for cooling. In both places, the average saving is about 10%, although in Auckland, the savings are reduced for those located in an area with little humidity. Similarly, it could prove beneficial to install outdoor heat pumps in an area where seasonal weather is prevalent, such as an open field in the Bay Of Islands, while in Auckland, for example, the seasonal temperature is high, causing significant savings.

Installing the heat pump yourself, rather than using an external engineer, allows you to have full control over the efficiency of your system. This in turn will allow you to choose a higher heat output, which in turn will lower your monthly heating costs. An additional benefit of heat pump installation in Auckland is that you will avoid having to pay a monthly water bill, as the pump takes up water when in use, making the unit more efficient. This, in turn, may reduce the need for using commercial water heaters.

When considering heat pump installation in Auckland, you will find that there are many options available, including those that can be installed at ground level and also – as is much preferred – in an underground facility. The prices for heat pump installation in Auckland are dependent on the company you choose, the size of the unit and the type of insulation needed. You may find that a contractor will provide a detailed quote for the work to be carried out, so be sure to get several quotations before agreeing to have the work completed. With careful planning, you can have your new energy efficient system in place before winter comes in which will drastically reduce your monthly utility costs.