How good the free seed box are

You have important movies to download and at the same time you have multiple digital files to upload to a secure server and now you have found the free seed box available on the internet, Should you start?  Well actually it is a very difficult question to answer.  But at the same time very easy to understand.  First and foremost you need to understand that the seed box is a high bandwidth server which is providing the storage space to the consumer. It is to upload the important and also download files which can be related to movies videos or any other thing you are using in your computer. When you are willing to upload or download the file then you should remember that the speed of your personal internet will not be used but the speed of the server is.  It means that the speed of the server should be good enough to download the file much faster than expectation.  There are many servers available in the market who is providing around 100 MB per second speed to 20 GB per second.  This means that you can download the 700 MB file within 7 seconds even if you are going for the low server speed.  The free seed box will not offer you that privilege.

Maximum speed will not be touched

The speed of the paid server will be going from hundreds of MBS to Gbs but with talking about the free seed box you will only get around 1 to 2 MB of speed and that also with Limited output.  You can only upload or download 4 GB of files which are not very much.  but if you have the money in your pocket and you are able to pay the money for the seed box then you just need to pay around $10  and you can get around 500 GB of storage space with the speed of 1GB per second.  This seed box is not limited to one seed box service but too many. It means that you will be able to get multiple options in this regard and there is no restriction for you to upload and download the files.  It will be done very fast compared to your expectation and also your files will be secure.

No Virtual private network 

In the free seed box you will not be able to get the privilege of having the virtual private network.  In the paid seed box virtual private network is a must but in the free seed box no sign of that.