How to Configure The Printer Wirelessly?

Wireless printing is an essential part of work culture. This reduces the hectic situation of connecting the wire to the system and then printing to an easy one to just command and print.

See how to set up your Wireless printer and how to connect an Android and IOS device.


  • To establish a new wireless printer at your home or in your workplace it’s sometimes not known to users but the initial issue starts when the printer is not kept near to your WiFi connection as it needs a strong connection to work from. Keep your printer in the range of your wireless router.
  • Then connect your printer to the power connection using a power cable. You do not need a cable connection to print because it’s a WiFi printer.

Now to connect your printer with the wireless network, check for the SSID and password so provided by the manufacturer in the manual or the documentation.

Whereas some latest printers already have a WPS button, simply push-to-connect, and wait for two minutes to establish a connection. For WPS connection your router also should have a WPS connection option available.

For some older versions of a wireless printer, it is needed to connect the printer with a computer at first then set up the printer and wireless connection using the included software. After the connection establishes a wireless connection, you can disconnect your printer and place it anywhere you want to.

  • After connecting your printer to a WiFi network, you can also add your printer with your computer so that you can also print using your device.
  • To add a printer to your Windows 7 system: Open Control panel > View Devices and printer > Add a printer > Select your printer name > Let it install the recommended drivers if available or just wait for the connection to establish.
  • To add a printer to your Windows 8 and Windows 10 system: Open Settings > Devices > Printer and Scanners > Select your printer name > Let it install the recommended drivers if available or just wait for the connection to establish.
  • If you are a Mac user and also your printer supports Mac-Devices, you can add it after connecting the printer to the network.
  • To add a printer to your Mac-Device: Select Apple menu and go to System preferences > Print & Scan > click on “+” button > Select your printer name and let it install the recommended software if available or just wait for the connection to establish.
  • Your wireless printer is now ready and connected and you can use your printer efficiently. Give commands to print and in the printer selection menu select your printer and click on Print. If your printer does not show up try reinstalling your printer again using recommended settings. Sometimes restarting the printer can also do away with the problems.


For printing from an android device, you need to set up your printer in Google Cloud Print so that your android device can give commands from there.

To set up your printer manually through the android device or if your printer supports Google Cloud Print skip to 4th point and follow steps:

  • Turn on your printer and connect it to a WiFi network.
  • Open your computer and connect it to the same WiFi network
  • Click on Chrome menu and go to settings and select Show Advanced settings here you will find Google Cloud Print option.
  • Click on the manage button to add up your printer device, from the list select your printer name and click Add Printer.
  • Now download the cloud print app on your device and set up using signing via Gmail account and you are ready to print.


  • If your printer supports the AirPrint option, select Airprint in your printer option. Select the file from your IOS device and then click on the share button and then select AirPrint. This will allow you to select your printer and from there you can easily Print.
  • If your Printer does not have AIR PRINT option go online and download an app to do work for you that can register your printer and your mobile device on the same WiFi network from where you can find the Printer and print the selected files.

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Reference – Zabq