How to Prepare Your First Email Campaign?

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In this article, you will learn about the “best practices” of email marketing, which will help you not miss important points at the start and get the most out of your first newsletter. 

Organize The Collection of the Base

If you have collected a database of email addresses of subscribers and customers, it’s time to generate income from it using mailings. But it should be remembered that the inflow of the base must be constant and regular.

To build long-term relationships with your subscribers and not harm the company’s reputation, the base is prohibited:

  • collect from open sources,
  • buy,
  • exchange with partners.

Users who are unfamiliar with you will be more likely to report spam, which can lead to problems with the sender’s reputation and will permanently close the path to your Inbox.

The task of an email marketer is to collect contacts legally, without disturbing the peace of users and the laws. One of the most effective ways would be a subscription form. For example, to create it, you can use the following services:

  • Sumo – allows you to create static and pop-up forms.
  • is a service for creating landing pages.
  • is a Russian-language service for creating forms with ready-made integrations.

Check The Quality of the Base

Often a marketer has to work with a database that has been collected for a long time and in unknown ways, no mailings have been sent to it for a long time. It may contain outdated addresses or addresses with errors, or spam traps could be included in the list. 

In this case, before mailing, you definitely need to clear the database of problematic addresses, otherwise you risk getting into spam and, again, spoil the sender’s reputation.

For example, you can use the following services:

  • Mailvalidator
  • ZeroBounce
  • MailGet List Cleaning Subsequently, do not forget to periodically clean the database – delete the addresses of inactive and unsubscribed subscribers. 

The confirmation of the subscription (Double Opt in) will help to keep the database up to date, when, after filling out the form, a letter is sent with a request to confirm the email.

This way, only valid addresses will be included in your list, probably belonging to people interested in your mailings.

Select A Mailing Service

Email Service Provider (ESP) is a system with which you will carry out mailings, typeset letters, set up automatic scripts and receive reports on launched mailings. Explore the offerings on the ESP market to find the service that best suits your business goals.

Considered by functionality, for example: 

  • MailChimp is tailored for the needs of small businesses. The service has a fairly simple interface and the launch of the first mailing will not be a problem. But further scaling and amplification with other channels can be challenging. 
  • eSputnik is suitable for medium and large businesses due to its Omni channel and rich functionality for newsletters and website.
  • GetResponse – ready-made templates and database collection functions will greatly facilitate the processes of setting up mailings.

Please note that even if your base is currently small and you only need basic ESP features, this may change over time. And migration from one service to another is a rather laborious task. Therefore, we recommend choosing ESP with a margin, for growth.

The language of the interface and support services can also be important selection criteria – if the level of English is below intermediate, options such as MailChimp will probably not work.

We also recommend paying attention to:

  • Alternative communication channels offered by the service (for example, Viber, SMS, web-push);
  • Data about contacts that the service collects (behavior in mailings, on the site, data from CRM);
  • Convenience and capabilities of the template editor built into the service (a set of ready-made templates, a photo bank, the use of AMP elements).

Set Up Electronic Signatures for the Corporate Domain 

A corporate domain is a prerequisite for bulk mailing. If you send them from regular mailboxes like or, most mailers like Gmail will gradually reduce the sender’s reputation, so that very soon such mailings will start flying into spam.

After you register the company’s domain name like logo design company, you will need to set up the domain’s electronic signatures. This is necessary so that scammers cannot sign their mailings for them. In addition, mail services are suspicious of mailings from domains with unconfirmed signatures, which will result in poor deliverability.

When you add domain signatures, after the @ symbol, the recipient will see the name of your company and immediately understand who the email is from and whether it is worth reading it.

Warm Up the Domain

Send the first mailings from the new domain in a metered fashion – too many letters in a short period of time can alert mail services. We recommend sending emails in small batches within two weeks – this is how much the domain usually “warms up”.

Prepare The Template

There are a few basic rules to keep in mind when designing any marketing letter, which are listed below. 

Use a friendly name for the sender

The first thing a user pays attention to when viewing letters in his mailbox is the names of the senders. He must understand from whom he received the letter. You can add the name and title of the employee to the company name. 

Come up with an attention-grabbing topic

The subject of the letter is the second thing the recipient pays attention to. For him to want to open the letter, the topic must be potentially relevant or promise a benefit. But at the same time, she must truthfully describe the main message of the message: if the topic is misleading, trust in the sending company is undermined.

Keep track of the ratio of text and images

It is not a good idea to send emails containing only banners. Firstly, the notorious postal services can block such letters. And secondly, if the display of images is disabled in the mailbox, the recipient will not see your message. Mobile versions of such messages are also displayed with errors.

We recommend that the letters consist of 60% text and 40% images.

But in cases where you need to personalize the letter as much as possible (for example, for the B2B segment), you can use only plain text. Such letters are also typeset in HTML, but without or with a minimum of pictures.

Engage wisely

Newbies often go overboard with call-to-action buttons, which affects recipient engagement rather negatively. 

Email marketing is about building relationships and building trust over time. If your subscriber first benefits or benefits from you, he is more likely to turn into a customer. So it’s worth starting with useful and interesting content.

Add a link to the web version of the letter

Sometimes letters in mailboxes are displayed in a shortened version or without images. In order for the addressee to see it in full, add a link to its web version to the email header (header).

Add UTM tags to links

With the help of UTM tags, you can track where traffic and purchases came from, which elements of the letter worked better. This is necessary for analytics and subsequent optimization of your mailings.

Grant the right to unsubscribe

If you do not do this, then the recipient will have to report spam to stop receiving your mailing. And postal services monitor such complaints, and if there are too many of them, they greatly lower the sender’s reputation or even block mailings. 

Usually unsubscribe links are placed in the footer of the letter:

Please note: next to the unsubscribe button, there is information about why the user received the letter (subscribed, made purchases, attended an event). This reduces the likelihood that the recipient will consider the email spam.

Test before sending

Remember that the email is displayed differently on different devices, operating systems and email systems. There are special services that will show all these options for displaying a letter, for example, Email on Acid or Litmus.

It is also worth checking the text for typos, making sure the links and prices on the product cards are correct.

When all checks have been successfully passed, the mailing list can be sent. We wish you good luck and space conversion