How to Start Import – Export Business?

The business of international trading is not new. The moment the man opened his eyes, he has been trading his goods for a living. Just for example take the old times, when tribes used to sell their goods to the other nearby tribes in order to get the stuff or money from them.

That was the initial stage of importing and exporting. But now, as the world is advancing, so is the methods of international trading. Because the scope and trend of importing-exporting are rising high, more people are stepping into this business and are eager to know the modern methods of starting their own import and export business.

So today, in this article we have brought to you the whole step by step method of starting your own international trading business, so stick till the end to get the most of the benefit.      

Select your Niche

First of all, you’ll have to consider which area of the market you must focus on for international trading if you want to adapt yourself to the competition. Market Research is the base element behind success of any enterprise. This why, every big enterprise spend millions of dollar on research before starting any project.

Choosing the right niche for your business is the most important factor of international trading, you’ll have to focus on many aspects such as the profits, costs, trend, etc. Niche is the main component on which your business depends.

So choose a niche after extensive and in-depth research, make sure that the area of the market you are going to work on has a high demand in foreign and native countries so that you don’t have to face difficulty while making the deals.

Pick Up Your Product

Now, when you have come up with the best niche to start your trading business, the next step is to pick up the right product, a product that you think you can sell in the foreign countries with greater profit, a product that has the highest demand in its relative niche.

But make sure the product you are going to select for your business does not have any illegal limitations or if it is hazardous to health such as alcohol, even though alcohol has high demand all around the world, still it carries threats to your health and life, so it’s not suitable to sell products like this. 

Make sure to have yourself a Letter of Credit

Now the most important thing to consider before starting an import-export business is to make a Letter of Credit for yourself. The letters of credit are the most significant terms used within the international trade industry. This letter allows you (the seller) to receive the full amount t of payments by your buyer on time. To get this letter to yourself, you will simply have to apply for it in your bank.    

Set Your Sourcing Planes

After you have got a letter of credit, and also chose the right product you want to export. Let’s say, you are willing to target industrial market and have decided to be industrial belt exporter. Now you’ll have to find a local manufacturer who can produce your products with the lowest cost and maximum quality. For this, you’ll have to negotiate and maintain friendly terms with your manufacturer.

Plane Your Logistics

Once all is set, you’ll have to prepare your logistics. Approach the most trustworthy, beneficial, and renowned shipments services so that you don’t have to suffer the breakage or other damage to your products.

Now, when all is done, you have found your desirable niche, you’ve chosen the product you wanna sell, you have your letter of credit, you’ve done all the sourcing and logistics, you are now ready to go. Just find the right customers, start selling your products, and begin your career in the import and export business.

Ahsan Ali
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