In Need Of Emergency Funds – Avail The Instant LAP Loan From PNB Housing Finance Limited

No matter how much you try to prepare financially for the crucial situations of life, some circumstances can leave you short of funds. It might be sending your child abroad for studies, your daughter’s wedding or unfortunate medical emergencies- we all need a bit of financial help at times.

Getting a loan though is a scary prospect for many. You might be apprehensive of it because of the risks that come with high-interest costs and a penalty. Thankfully, PNB Housing offers minimalmortgage loan interest rates in India. Here are its features:

Features of Loan Against Property

Affordable and high-value loans

PNB Housing offers high-value mortgage loan interest rates in India to both salaried as well as self-employed individuals. Self-employed individuals can apply for a loan as massive as up to 3.5Cr while salaried ones can get up to 1Cr.

Quick Disbursal

Loan Against Property is excellent for those wanting instant loan approvals. You can get your amount in as less as 4 days since it requires minimum documentation, eligibility criteria and hassle-free doorstep service.

Flexible Loan Tenure

You can pay your loans in as long as 20 years and as short as 2 years depending on your requirements. That allows you to choose your tenure as per convenience. Your children can also pay back the loan after they grab their job if you choose a longer tenure.

Online Account Management

You can get access to all your loan details on PNB housing. You can use the EMI calculator and Loan Against Property Calculator to manage your loans and check your property’s eligibility.

Benefits of Loan Against Property

Quick and substantial loans from PNB Housing allows you to borrow huge sums of money in quick time. You get several other benefits mentioned below:

  • Quick loan approval

Pnb housing finance mortgage India is one of the quickest loans across the country. You will receive your funds in as less time as a week after approval of loan.

  • Low EMIs

You can pay your loans in up to 20 years which enables you to choose affordable EMIs spread over a long period. That makes repaying the loan easier too.

  • Extremely low prepayment rate

When you get loan from PNB Housing Finance mortgage India, you can be assured that you’d pay little to no prepayment charges. That means you can pay all or large parts of the loan as and when you want. While many people do want to repay the loan earlier to get rid of the burden, they don’t know about extra prepayment charges.

Interests in loans against residential properties are the lowest. You can also get loans on your commercial shops and properties. The application process is hassle-free, so visit the PNB Housing website now to get your credit score and other details.