Interesting And Strange Wedding Cultures All Around World

As you would make the search around you would probably be finding so many cultures and traditions that are spinning around the whole world. Some of the cultures are traditional and festival in finishing, but many of them are comprised with the wedding culture concept as well. Have you ever bother to explore some strange wedding cultures? If not, then hold on for a second and let us make you explore with some interesting and best wedding culture all around the world!

List of Strange Wedding Cultures All Around World:

  • In the Samoa, the wedding dresses of the brides are made fromthe use of bark of mulberry tree.
  • In the place of Nigeria, if the bride makes the use of some magnificent forms just as one night before her wedding, then the groom has the right to send her back to her parents.
  • In the place of Kenya, a culture is being expected as wherein one month before the wedding, the groom is supposed to wear the women clothes in order to enjoy and get to know that how hard is being a woman.
  • In the place of Namibia, the bride is supposed to wear the veil instead of a special hat. This concept is rather known by the name of “ECORA”. This hat is made from the use of goatskin, rubbed with tar, as well as grease and red ochre. This is quite one of the strange wedding cultures!
  • In the Surma tribe of Ethiopia, a tradition is being followed up as where the girl just as before the wedding day will remove off thelower teeth, pierced lip and insert the clay disk in it. This looks so strange!
  • Do you know about the wedding tradition on the island of Java?  In order to be the part of the island for the marriage, the couple has to pay the fee in the budget. But the pay should be in the form of rat tails. The couple is supposed to submit the 25 tails to the local administration as a wedding fee.
  • You would be much anticipated to grab the concept of the wedding night in Albania that is somehow very conditional. In this tradition as in three days and three nights, the newly formed woman would hence resist her husband’s attacks on top of the performance of family duties. This is mainly done as in order to confuse evil spirits.
  • In Trombrian Island, if you have a desire to get married, then you should sing with the future spouse of the same plate as in front of the other members of the tribe. This will complete the whole marriage!

So, this is all we have ended up with the list of some of the amazing and best strange wedding cultures all around the world! These cultures would make you realize the fact that how boring and uninteresting your wedding cultures are! Which one of the culture do you like the most?