Mobdro APK Live – Download Mobdro Apk – Free Movie streaming & Online TV App

Mobdro is one of the best app to free watch HD videos and movies online without having to pay a single penny. This app has become the first choice of the users who are looking to find movies, videos, TV channels, sport channels online or on the bigger screen. Just Download Mobdro apk for Free, Install & enjoy unlimited fun! Mobdro support Google chrome cast that makes it easy to watch content from Mobdro app on a bigger screen TV.

Mobdro is a great entertainment app that will keep you busy for hours without getting you become bored because with this app you can access thousands of channels, funny videos, movies, news channels or the sport channels.

It happens that you reach home after having a hectic day at work and you need something to entertain yourself. In that Mobdro which can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Windows PC, Tablets can entertaining you by allowing you to stream movies or watch TV on your phone

Download Mobdro apk for Movies

The more and more people search internet for the sources of entertainment. Some people like to watch funny videos on youtube, some other likes to play games on the internet while some other love to surf on the internet. Everyone as different choices and taste but one thing which is common among most of the people is to watch movies or TV channels !

You can not have TV  along with you while you are traveling to someplace via taxi or while you are waiting at the airport for the flight. In that case if you have Mobdro App installed on your Phone, Laptop or the tablet that you are carrying along with you, you can connect to the internet and have access to unlimited media content from the internet.

In this post, I’ll explain everything about mobdro app like what is mobdro app – giving you detailed overview, features of mobdro app, difference between free and premium version, how to download mobdro apk for PC/Android/Tablet – brief overview and why Mobdro is so popular around the world.

Download Mobdro Apk – Free Movie streaming & Online TV App

I’m a great fan of apps that allows me to watch Movies, TV shows or the News channel online and frequently look for the one on the internet. I’ve tried almost all such kinds of app but haven’t found any better than Mobdro.

Mobdro app is an entertainment app that give you free access to TV channels such as HBO,  ABC, Cartoon Network, National Geograpic etc, Movies, TV shows, News, Sports, Tech, Music and even Podcasts.

Mobdro is a complete package when it comes to an entertainment that comes totally free. Mobdro is available for Android, iOS, Laptop, Tablet. But this app is not available at the app stores such as Google Play or iTune.

Anyone who wants to enjoy this app on its smartphone must have to download Mobdro apk file. If you don’t know the process, don’t get disheartened. You can browse through this website to understand the step wise process of getting Mobdro for all the platforms.

The  apk file of this app has been downloaded million of time and several million people are enjoying online streaming with this free Movie app.
The best part of Mobdro app is, if you aren’t able to watch anything in one go, you can download that particular media content on your smartphone and watch it later.

The support of Google Chrome cast allows your to watch whole content from Mobdro app such as Movie, TV Shows, Sport or New on a bigger screen TV.

One important thing that I want to point out is that Mobdro app totally relay on the internet, so having a fast, reliable internet connection is mandatory for uninterrupted entertainment. You might get an error that reads “Check your connection”

There are two different version of Mobdro app available for download. One is free and other one is premium version. If you have the free version installed, you will have to bear with the annoying app that popup when you watch any movie or TV show.

You can avoid these ads if you pay few bucks to get premium version of this stunning app. The premium version would remove these annoying app and in addition to that you will be able to captre the live streaming.

Mobdro App features 

As I said Mobdro is a feature packed free entertainment app that gives us access to huge amount of media content put on the internet. Mobdro continuously search internet for fresh content such as new movies, tv shows etc and let you watch them free of cost on your android smartphone, iPhone, tablet or PC.

Since Mobdro have support for Google Chrome cast, you can watch latest movies, latest news or the soccer on a bigger screen.

Mobdro have number of feature that makes this streaming app one of the best choice, one and most important thing is you need not to pay to download Mobdro for your device. Below are some important features of Mobdro app.

  • Complete free – Download mobdro apk
  • Available for for Android, iOS, Laptop, Desktop computer, PC, Tablet.
  • Available for Kindle.
  • Mobdro TV
  • Mobdro addon for Kodi
  • Watch Movies, TV Shows, News, Sport, Cartoon for FREE
  • Easy to install for all platforms
  • Continuously brings fresh content (from the internet)
  • Support for Chrome Cast to watch Movie, TV shows on bigger screen
  • Easy to use
  • Share Streams with your friends with a single click
  • Bookmark videos to watch them later.
  • Nicely arranged music via title, album, artist etc.
  • Available for Android TV boxes

These are the common features of Free as well Premium version of Mobdro app however the premium version has additional features that are really important.

With premium version you can avoid these annoying ads that you are forced to watch or click when you browse through different content within the app and the other important feature of premium one is, you can save the live streaming on your device and watch it later. You are allowed to set timing for the duration of video you want to capture.

How to use Mobdro App?

Though the app is pretty much simple to use because of its self explanatory user internet yes there are some important things that you might miss.

To enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted entertainment, you need to get Mobdro app for Android, iOS, PC or tablet and an unlimited internet connection with not so faster internet speed. However, the faster is the internet speed, better is the experience because this app look for online stream websites for bring you Movies and TV shows on this app.

Make sure the internet connection is reliable because if the connection is lost while you are watching movie on this app, the streaming will stop as well however if you have a premium version of Mobdro app you can capture video for later use as well if you are expecting internet outage.

To demonstrate how to use Mobdro, I’ll take example of Android smartphone that will be almost same for other mobile devices as well including tablets.

First you need to go official website and download mobdro apk file and then get it installed on your smartphone. Once the file is downloaded, click on it to install. The installation process may take time hence its advisable to don’t disturb phone till installation gets completed.

Once the installation is done, you need to open. At the very first time, it will show the version of Mobdro app and the important improvement that app as go over previous version.

You’ll see a small button which reads “Ok Continue”. Click that button and you will be taken to next page. If you have the latest version of this app installed, you are good to go else you will be prompt to upgrade to the latest version.

This is totally your choice to upgrade or continue with the current one but I’d advise to upgrade to the latest version as there will be many good features in the newer one. If you chose to upgrade to new one, it takes few seconds to upgrade to latest version and once the process is completed, you will be taken to menu where you can access any channel, movie, tv shows etc.

If you want to watch any channel, click on “Channels” and you will have list of channels you could watch. The list is having HBO, Cartoon Network, National Geographic and many other of your choice. The next you have “Movies” “Shows” “News” “Sport” etc.

Click on any of these categories you want to watch live streaming from and with a single click you can watch content of your choice free of cost. You’ll see ads while you brown different content until you chose to upgrade to premium version.

Why Mobdro is so popular?

I think by now you itself be able to understand why Mobdro is so popular, there should not be any further explanation about this app. The app was started few years ago and was available for Android devices mainly but when it received great response from people, they made it available for other platform as well.

What makes Mobdro the most popular among all the Movie streaming and Online TV app is its simple interface that is pretty easy to use, availability for Free, nicely arranged channels and music so that you can look for your choice video easily.

it becomes even more entertaining we you decide to pay since once you get the premium version, you need not to see get distracted by ads populating every minute. Not just the ads, you can capture your shows and chose to watch it later with the premium version.

When you chose different categories, all of them have different colors that makes it easier for you to know which category you just watched content from and which category is left.

Mobdro app constantly search internet for latest content such as movies, TV Shows, Sport and news and make it available on this app and hence to everyone who has this app installed on its device.

The other important thing about Mobdro is one which I’ve already discussed – support for Chrome cast. Chrome cast is one used very much at home and since mobdro has support for it, you can watch Movies, TV shows and other stuff from your Mobdro to a bigger screen TV !

Unliked other streaming and online TV apps, Mobdro has extension for Kodi as well. Not just that, you can get Mobdro for Kindle as well and that too free of cost (freemium version).

You will have access to thousands of Movies, TV shows, Channels, musics Podcasts that will keep you entertained for hours and hours. And since it constantly looks for new content from the internet, the new movies & TV shows keep coming.

Online TV and Free Movies streams

If you are looking for an app to watch Online TV or Movies then Mobdro is one of the best choice because it has thousands of channels and movie database you can search from. On top of that it keeps on searching latest movies and tv shows on the internet so that you have the latest ones as well.

Everything is placed according to categories so that you don’t have any problem searching for stuff of your choice. There are several categories to chose from and under which all the relevant content is placed.

For example if you want to watch movies, click on category “Movie” and you have whole like of movies available to watch. Similarly you have, TV Shows, News & Sport, music and other categories to chose content from.

Watching Movies and TV shows on Mobdro is completely free. It just takes an internet connection to give you access to thousands of channels from around the world. You can watch channels that are available in any country via this app and that too completely free.

Upgrade to premium version and take the entertainment to next level by avoiding ads and saving your favorite show in your device that that can be watch offline. Downloading Movies, TV shows, Music and everything else is free too !

Download Mobdro apk for different platforms

Mobdro was first released for Android operating system only but later it was extended to other platforms as well such as iPhone (though its not available at the moment again). However, with a little tweak we can get Mobdro for Laptop and or PC as well. With tweaks you can get Mobdro for following devices/OS too.

Yon check out other articles to know the process of getting Mobdro for different platform discussed above. In this article, I’ll be talking about downloading Mobdro apk file.

Mobdro apk download process for Android devices

There are lots of sources that host Mobdro apk file but I’d advise to go for reliable one. No source can be as much reliable as the official website. You will get the latest version and virus free apk file from official website. Here is what you need to do to get download Mobdro apk.

Step: 1 – Go to aps on your Android smartphone

Step: 2 – Open any browser installed on your smartphone

Step: 3 – Open website and hit the read button which says “DOWNLOAD THE APP” OR simply click here (official link) to download Mobdro apk file.

Step: 4 – When the download is completed, you will get notification. Check the download folder it should be there.

The installation of Mobdro App for each of these device is a standalone process and I’ve made it super easy by writing a separate guide for each of these devices. Checkout relevant articles on this blog to get Mobdro on your favorite device.

Now this file can be used for any device that usage android operating system. Those devices which don’t run android operating system, we can make this app work with the help of Android emulator such as BlueStack 2 or Nox app player. With BlueStack or Nox App player, we can get Mobdro for PC, Mobdro for Laptop.