NO-HASSLE HOLIDAYS: Tips To Fancify The Roof For Christmas Without Wrecking It!

When the winds feel colder, the people dress thicker and the cities look brighter, you know something’s coming to town. 

You wouldn’t really believe how quickly time flies. The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching. At the moment this piece is being written, there are about three months left ‘till the end of the 2020 chapter. And even if you might be reading this at the beginning of a different year, well, in the arriving weeks, you will be surprised how the world is on a countdown again.  

Without a doubt, people love the holiday seasons. Even for those who feel a bit gloomy about this annual celebration, it’s a time to smile and share good cheer. It’s the occasion when families gather, friends reunite and blissful memories are made and remembered. It’s a rare chance to take a break. Totally, the world is so beautifully different when it’s the most festive season of all. 

As you know, a joyful event is made more dazzling by adornments that catch eyes and turn heads. Besides merry carols and heartwarming melodies signifying that Christmas is near, glistening decorations are evidence that it’s happening real soon! 

You probably have already set up the Christmas tree by the window or hung the Santa socks on your doors. Or maybe, you are still figuring out what theme and motif to embellish your home this Yuletide. Whatever step you are in the Holidays decorating menu, you know that it’s not a really easy thing to do. That’s the reason why many people start pondering and fashioning their home with the Christmas feel as soon as the Ber months begin. 

The roof is one of many homes’ favorite spots for displaying Christmas decors, however, some challenges in installing them are encountered. Moreover, some people who have been wanting for so long to brush up their houses with Yule roof designs are hesitant because of the struggles they might experience with regards to their roof.

To aid you all with such concerns and to keep you without a hassle before, during and after the Holidays, here are some tips for you to glitz up your roof for Christmas without wrecking it!  


Action movies show wowing stunts and chases done from roof to roof, but it’s for art’s sake alone. For decorating your roof this Holiday season, think twice about getting up there.

It is normal to think that for you to establish some of your Christmas decors, you need to step on some areas of your roof. Probably unless you have a rooftop, this is much of a problem. 

Stepping on your roof negatively affects its quality and material. It is the common culprit for cracks, dents and other roof repairs demanding to be addressed immediately. Leaks and holes on the roof are by-products of broken and torn shingles due to being stepped on.

Immense roof damage is a result of stepping and walking on the roof. Unfortunately, when the roof is harmed like that and is left unmaintained, the whole building interior will be injured as well. The roof’s performance, endurance and lifespan are reduced and put to danger.

Utilize a suitable ladder or lift for you to do that. If you see fit, hire professional roof decoration installers to help you mount your beloved Christmas props.


You might be so excited to bring out your large-size Santa and Rudolph figure or your multiple Nutcracker sets to make your house stand out! BUT, wait, they might be too heavy and inconvenient for your roof! 

Put your heavy Christmas figures at the front door or in the dining room; the roof is not the best area for them. Heavy objects can lead to extensive and troublesome roof impairments.

Instead, go for the lightweight decors to beautify the roof. They will not hurt its architectural rigidity, thus, your roof and whole house can remain safe for a long time. What’s more, you will not have a difficult time carrying them up the roof and down when Christmas is over.


Although Snowman inflatables and Christmas inflata-balls are typically considered light decorations, they are still not to be placed on roofs. 

Especially since this season is usually windy, cold and even raining and snowing in some parts of the globe, Christmas inflatables for outdoors are unsafe. They can be detached and blown away by strong blasts of wind. As a result, the roof segments to which they are attached may be pulled off as well. 

As much as you’d love to show off your adorable Christmas inflatables from your roof, you have to be very cautious. Set them indoors where they will still be awesome! In that way, you are veering away from roof repairs and wreckages which can actually be prevented in the first place! 


If you have a chimney, you might be tempted to go all out for your Christmas fun this year and plan to place Santa’s elves and some garlands around it. That would be really cool, but know that it’s not ideal. 

Keep the chimney shielded. Do not put decorations in and around it. If decors fall in the uncapped chimney, it’s alarming especially when you are using the fireplace.


When you are going to situate your Christmas bells, ribbons and bows on your roof, you might instantly think that the only easy way is to staple them. Meanwhile, for your gnomes and starlights, you’ll surely run in the house to find the nails and screws in your toolbox. BUT LOOK, these attachments are bad for your roof.

Avoid creating punctures, holes and slits on your roof. There are tender plastic clips, electrical tapes, cords and even sandbags which can put your roof decors securely in place. 

Choose the right fasteners that will keep you assured that your Yuletide furbishing is exhibited firmly while your roof’s good condition is not sacrificed.


Since Christmas lights on the roof are completely exposed to nature, outside elements and other external factors, they must be safe specifically for outdoor use.

Indoor Christmas lights will not withstand weather elements. Worse, they might lead to disasters due to contact with too much heat, wind, moisture, rain or snow. 

Outdoor Christmas lights are designed as weatherproof items. Check the boxes and manuals. Make sure to purchase authentic outdoor christmas lights, so you can be sure of your home’s and house’s safekeeping.


The most crucial of all Christmas decorating stages is planning out the power installations and connections. See to it that you have high-quality electrical instruments. 

Do not overload your roof with several Christmas bulbs that might cause electrical issues. Stay away from fire dangers by being wise and alert. If you do not know how to manage the power connection requirements for your roof’s Christmas decors, don’t be reluctant to ask help from your knowledgeable neighbors, or hire someone for professional installation.

Before those amazing Christmas decorations and lights are added on roofs, ample time to plan out the electrical systems is very vital. Don’t take it lightly. 



You will surely love it when your roofs are filled with luminous lights and comely styles for the Yuletide season! But it’s regretful and annoying when you ruin your roof just to install them all. That is why you must be careful and wise to make sure that you decorate the house nicely and finely. 

Don’t just go for the visuals alone but for your roof’s safety and protection from damages. Decorate smartly and responsibly. Remember that with the right ways to fancify your dear roof, you will have better no-hassle Holidays!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.