PMI: How to Attract and Retain Followers in Social Networks

Social networks are an easy and efficient means of communication at the same time. Small businesses can use social media to their advantage to advertise their brand, communicate with customers, and build a more effective business network. There are two steps to be taken to be successful in social networks: attracting new followers and retaining existing ones.

1. Attract new followers

– Targeting users. You can target users based on country, where they live, age, gender or language.

– Focus on what users like. Facebook, for example, uses various tools to find out what users like. This data is then shared with advertisers, which means you have the ability to create personalized messages for your target audience.

-Use the “Contacts”. Also try to target the followers of those people who have shown interest in your business. People talk to each other about the brands they are interested in. And if you’re doing things right, users are likely to talk about your products and services. So when your ads are also seen by friends of your followers, it will be easier for them to get your message.

-Using Facebook to target users who regularly visit the website. A great way to increase the number of sales is to target people who have already visited the website on social platforms. This user group already knows your brand. This way you can reach both current customers and customers who have not yet purchased your products / services.

– Use the email. Many people use the same email to log in on different platforms, so they are most likely using the same email on social platforms that they gave you when they bought something from your site or when they signed up for the newsletter.

-Target digital lookalikes of your target audience. You can target users similar to your followers. Facebook, for example, automatically chooses people whose behavior, preferences, interests and position match those of your current followers, so you can use this feature in your favor.

2. Retain current followers

– Avoid spam. Try not to post the same message every time. There is nothing wrong with posting the same message, but try to do it in different ways. For example, if you are posting to different platforms in the same way, word your message to suit users of each of these platforms.

– Accept criticism. The goal to be present on social networks is to interact with your audience, so that in case a user posts a negative review related to your products and services at least you will be aware of it and you will be able to interact and respond to user criticism, thus showing them that behind the brand there are people who know how to listen to them. Do not hesitate and defend your brand and your points of view because people value a brand more that has clear ideas and knows what it wants and what it represents.

-Be active in social media. The worst thing you can do, always concerning social networks, is to attract a certain audience or group of followers and then “disappear”. An outdated account speaks ill of you. So don’t overlook the social networks that represent your business.

– Do some research? Pay attention to the people who follow you, the posts and the content they like. In this regard, you can use Facebook or Twitter Analytics to understand the content that users like the most and thus publish relevant content.

-Be passionate. Remember that you have not created social media profiles to be mere spectators and that if you are not the first to speak about your brand, no one else will. It is always preferable to work to convey the passion you have for what you do, why you love your brand and why you enjoy interacting with other people on social networks. So, talk more about your brand, interact with followers and their friends, and always update all profiles with new content. Show that you have the right passion and dedication.

-Increase brand value by publishing original content. Try not to always repurpose the same type of content, instead create original content to share with users. Try to propose original points of view and opinions, elements that other businesses have not shared before you. You don’t have to try to adapt to others and do what other activities are doing or sharing, try to create something interesting and valuable that makes you original and unique. By following these steps you will notice a great improvement in your presence also via videos and animation on social networks. In this way you will have the opportunity to grow and make your business even more known.