Reason Behind The Abduction of Bhanwari Devi

Sunil Gurjar was a power broker living in delhi. He was a close associate with mahipal maderna, now sacked water resource minister of rajasthan. He was responsible for ruining the life of bhanwari devi and was a prime suspect in abduction and missing case of bhanwari devi.

The story starts when a sleaze CD which connected mahipal maderna and bhanwari devi was mishandled by sunil gurjar. This CD which was the reason for him to turn evil was within the protection of bhanwari devi. Somehow, he managed to get a copy of it and started to blackmail the people in the video for almost a year. On top of that, a deal was struck between him and a buyer. He tried to sell the CD to other person. This made bhanwari devi to fear him. She tried to tell these issues to maderna. But the deal was struck and the payment was made. Maderna came to know about this deal only after 2 days of the deal.

Sunil gurjar got help from a henchman. He got close to bhanwari devi and earned her trust by arranging a false kidnapping. This kidnapping was arranged in such a way that; this henchman was to save bhanwari devi from kidnappers. Thus she had a great faith towards him, which he used it in a wrong way.

There are other people who got involved in this issue of bhanwari devi. These people was used for keeping bhanwari devi under control. One of the chief suspects was shoanlal bishnoi. It was him that bhanwari devi met before disappearing. He is a relative to malkhan singh bishnoi. He is also a close associatye of mahipal maderna. He was later logged in jail for his activities. A person named sahi ram bishnoi was also involved in this matter. He was regularly speaking with sohanlal and the henchman the day she disappeared. His phone was also located near maderna’s home for several hours. Police suspect him of masterminding the operation.

The husband of bhanwari devi filed a complaint as she was missing for few days. The court ordered the CBI for special interrogation. Knowing this maderna faked of chest pain and was admitted in hospital for several weeks. Some journalist was also attacked by the supporters of maderna for covering the incident closely. Government has promised to take serious steps against sunil gurjar like persons in the future.