Recommended Dose of Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is one of the best food supplement with many benefits for the human body. In addition, if you take it within the usual dosage, then you may not experience any side effects at all. So, the question here is that what is the best dosage that most doctors recommend?

To answer this question, we must consult with Alpha GPC manufacturer. As per them, the 40% part of our Alpha GPC compound consists of choline. So, when you are taking a standard 1000 mg dose of Alpha GPC, you are taking 400 mg of choline.

If you want to improve your cognitive abilities, the studies suggest that you must take a daily dose of 1200 mg Alpha GPC. You must take it by dividing into three equal doses that are taking 400 mg each time of the day. There is little evidence if a lower dose will benefit cognition. Thus, all doctors recommend 1200 mg standard daily dose.

If you want to enhance your brain functions and get a good memory, then most doctors will advise you dose between 300-600 mg. You can increase it as per your convenience if you want to enhance more mental activity.

Athletes may need a higher dose because they need better body performance. Because of this reason, they may prefer to take a good dose of 600 mg. It is proved by various studies and is considered a safe dose.

There was an old study on rats. It indicates that a dose of 300-600 mg per kg is the extreme dose for rats. For humans, it gets to 48-96 mg per kg. So, for a standard human being who weighs around 150 lbs., the safe dose is between 3272 to 6545 mg. Anything lower than this dose is a safe dose for a normal human.

However, if we talk about the recommended dose, we see that they are quite lower than the extreme dosage. The dose which a doctor recommends is one that is safe and will less likely cause any side effects.

Different people have different doses that a doctor recommends. However, any dose between 300 mg per day and 1200 mg per day is called a safe dose. When you take Alpha GPC between this amount, you will make sure that it has no adverse effects on your body. This is why Alpha GPC is given only when a doctor prescribes you because he knows about doses.