Should You Invest In CGM Clinical EHR Software?


If you know even a little bit about CompuGroup Medical, you’ll know that their main motive is to improve health and the quality of life. CompuGroup HER Software was founded in 1987 and has proved to be a great software with intelligent features to improve the quality of care everywhere. CompuGroup medical EMR works really towards reaching its goal of enabling everyone to have access to their health records and making sure the best possible treatment is given to everyone. 

CGM EHR features

Moving on to CompuGroup Medical EMR features, we know that there are some features that almost every other EHR offers, be it a cheap one or an expensive one.CompuGroup Medical offers so much more than you can imagine so let us get right into that. 

Since we cannot list down every feature that CompuGroup medical EMR offers, we are going to be discussing some of its key features. 

Robust Documentation tools

One of the main features that are loved by plenty of doctors as it has the correct tools to perform tasks fast. Since it’s linked to the Patient charts, all of the records including lab results, test results, clinical reports, etc., therefore, each task is done so efficiently and smoothly that it doesn’t even feel like it’s a task. Quick and efficient documentation means more patients are dealt with compared to before, tasks are done more accurately, and it’s less boring for the employees. 

Customizable Scheduling templates

Charts are super user-friendly and customizable which means every user can customize it according to how they like it. This improves the efficiency at work and makes work interesting and easier for the users because they can organize and manage it how they like it. 

Patients Portal and Enhanced Billing

Let us talk about one thing that is required by every doctor in every specialty and that is an enhanced billing tool. When the doctors are working, they need to have a proper billing tool so that rather than focusing on their revenue they can focus on the Patient. This way they can focus on the patient better without any worry or distraction. Secondly, having a good Patients Portal means having access to all the patient data including his medical history, his diagnosis, previous treatment, test results, etc. Having all this information in one place saves so much time and helps in getting the most accurate treatment for their condition. 

Comprehensive Reporting

You know how important it is to have a good reporting tool regardless of the kind of job you are doing. In a good medical EHR software, having a nice reporting tool is important. CompuGroup medical EMR offers excellent Reporting tools for all the financial records and summaries. 

Other than these features, CompuGroup medical also offers Compliance tracking, Excellent Customer Support, Flow sheets, Integrated Faxing Capabilities, Electronic Prescribing. 

How are all these features helpful? Tasks are done faster and more accurately. Errors are eliminated, and all the files are more secure, saved in one place. Clinical efficiency is improved along with financial efficiency. 

CompuGroup Medical EMR Reviews

According toCompuGroup Medical Reviews, the speed of this software is incredible. Everything is so easy to navigate and manage. It’s relatively unknown but what an excellent software. Users like how fast this software is and how rapidly it increases efficiency and productivity. It has a very intuitive interface that is also loved by all the users. If you want your workflow to be streamlined, and you want your work to be more interesting and efficient, consider installing CompuGroup Medical EMR software. This will bring an instant boost of efficacy to your firm and will digitize as many tasks as possible. 

CompuGroup Medical EMR Pricing

Let us finally talk aboutCompuGroup EMR pricing. The pricing of this software is $500 per month. They do not have a free vision but you can book a CompuGroup EMR demo so that you can understand this EHR Software better. 


We have discussed all the major points that were needed to be highlighted about CompuGroup medical EMR Software.


In this article, we are going to talk all about CGM Clinical EHR Software. We’re going to be discussing CGM features, Reviews, Pricing, and a lot more so keep reading to find out.