Sign Up on Pointsbet with Some Deposit and get Pointsbet First Deposit Bonus for Free

What is Pointsbet?

When playing betting games, you must have put bet on your favorite team, individual, or any other thing by prediction. There are various techniques of betting which can let you win based on the predictions made by you. In most of the cases, the bet you made is determined in the middle of the game or sometimes even at starting of the game which can either make you win the bet or lose the bet.

Points betting is a new and unique way to bet in which an individual is unaware of the scenario whether he/she is going to win the bet or lose the bet till the very end of the game. If your predictions are correct you can win a big amount from the bet on Points Betting. Also, if you are new to Points betting, then signing up can give you a huge Pointsbet first deposit bonus when you do your first deposit for the bet in Points betting.

What are the benefits for new customer on Pointsbet?

Pointsbet is unlike other online form of online betting. This betting site doesn’t offer fixed odds like the other typical online betting websites do. If you are fond of playing bets on various sports and looking for a website that can offer you a good bonus when you make your first deposit, then Pointsbet is the perfect online betting website for you. You will be surprised to know that if a new customer signs up and makes its first deposit for the bet, they can get around bonus of $200. For e.g.: Join Pointsbet and make a deposit of around $200 and your online account of Pointsbet will be credit with Pointsbet first deposit bonus of extra $200 which you can use for further betting. 

How the Points Betting works?

Pointsbet works on a simple rule, the more accurate the prediction, the more winnings you will have. Let us look at below scenario to understand the working on Points betting in a proper way.

When your bet wins by one point, you will be getting 1 x bet amount. Similarly, if your bet wins by 10 points, then you win 10 x stake. And conversely, when you lose by 1 point, you will lose 1x stake.


When signing up on Pointsbet, makes your deposits properly so that you can get extra Pointsbet first deposit bonus which can be used by your own will. To keep the credits, your first deposit matters a lot on the online betting sites