Strategies for Brilliant Video Gaming Ideas

Designing a video game is a challenging task. Many things need to be kept in mind while designing a game. If you want to design a game and in search of an idea, the following are the few approached, you may opt to design a game:

Pick a Genre:

            There are diverse genres in the world of gaming. These genres include action, shooter, role-play, simulation, adventure, action, strategy, sport, puzzle, etc. It is recommended to design in one particular genre that intrigues you and run your game in that particular environment.

Pick a Niche:

            Niche is the level of expertise you have in a particular subject. After picking genre, if you want to be more specific, pick a particular field or niche genre. For example, if you design a role-playing game, decide whether you want to make it real time or fantasy driven game.


            The world is full of strange things. Every person is born with a different intellect. Many people have strange habits which turn out to be very good in real. If you are designing a game, then you should be good at observing people and their interaction with each other. Observing people is important because eventually, the game you are designing is for the people, so you must know your audience before designing it. Observe the interaction of people with yourself. You shall get information about people’s preferences and how to incorporate that in your game design.

Interact with people:

            While designing a game, it is recommended to interact with people around you. Ask them about their ideas. Seek people who are interested in playing video games. Ask such players what they are interested in playing. Do not be scared to ask people for a reason for stealing your idea. In fact, your audience will best determine the base of your design. So do not hesitate to discuss this with people.

What people do not want to play:

            Beware of the things which people do not want to play. It has now become the fact that most people do not know what they want. Rather people are clearer about what they do not want. A simple example is if you ask your friend a favorite color, he/she probably be uncertain about it. But if you ask the color they do not like, they shall certainly tell you that we do not like pink or any other color. So while designing a game, ask people what they do not want to be in the game.


            Brainstorming is one of the best techniques to collect multiple ideas. Take a deep breath and detach yourself from everything around for a few minutes. Write down all the ideas which come to your mind on a page. At this time, consider every idea without giving a second thought, even it is a vague one. In the end, read the page where you have written the ideas; you shall see that every thought on paper has a link with the idea that can be implemented.

Favorite books:

 It may seem irrelevant, but in reality, it is a very technical and practical approach to think of your favorite books while designing a game. Think of the characters, places, structure, and theme of the book that either of these things that appealed to you more. The most appealing thing in the book can be implemented as a design of the game. Even you can get an idea of the interface of the game by thinking about the places in the book. So do not underestimate any approach while designing a game. Even a seemingly little or unimportant thing can bring great design to your game.

Favorite Movies:

 Like books, movies, dramas, series, documentaries can play a vital role in designing the game. Think of the characters, dialogues that fascinated you towards the movie or drama. You can incorporate any of the pretty things in the design of your game.

Video games:

            You can check other video games in the market. Think of the video games that appeal to you and the factors contributing to making a good game. Not only good video games, but you can also observe the missing factor in any game and incorporate them into your game. Other video games shall enable you to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your game.

Action time:

            This is the stage where you transform your idea into a game. Create the game from your idea even if you are not in love with your idea. Just do it. You shall get to know the ground realities while creating a game. Many phases will come while designing the game. This is the most challenging stage because you shall get irritated, frustrated, annoyed, but you shall keep going. This action time will make you learn real skills.

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