The Absolute Best TV Shows on Netflix to Binge Right Now

Weekend and binge watching netflix goes all well together. So let’s get started with this list.


Black Lightning is one of those binge-worthy shows that you can always watch. This series is about a wrestler who has far too many secrets. Jefferson Pierce possesses incredible power. He wants to protect his family and his region. After many fights, he decided to stop and become a professor and a father. But he must move on and protect what he loves deep down when it progresses. As corruption and battles worsen, the black lightning must return to save lives and his kingdom.



Sky Rojo (also known as Red Sky in English) is the latest work from the creators of the widely popular Netflix series Money Heist. Three sex workers (Verónica Sanchez, Lali Espósito, and Yany Prado) are on the run from their trafficker (Asier Etxeandia) and his minions (Miguel ngel Silvestre and Enric Aucquer) in this series. Season 1 is composed of eight 25-minute episodes, and a second season in almost the same format has already been revealed. There are action sequences, sequins, and gunfights galore, making this a must-see for anyone who enjoyed the creators’ previous series.



Netflix’s first must-see horror film was The Haunting of Hill House. The series, a re-imagining of Shirley Jackson’s nightmarish novel, was directed by Mike Flanagan, whose earlier Netflix credits include Hush and Gerald’s Game, and follows the Crain family as they relocate to the remote Hill House. The Crains bought the house with the intention of renovating and turning it before purchasing their real home, but the house does have other intentions. After fleeing in the middle of night, the story starts decades later, when the scattered family is drawn back together with that goddamn house. Hill House is frightening, and its sequel, The Haunting of Bly Manor, takes a surprisingly different demeanour. To begin with, while the actors are all the same, they all play completely different characters in the adaptation of Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw. There are still ghosts aplenty in Bly Manor, another haunted house story, but there’s a surprising romance at the heart of this series. Having said that, you’ll still be afraid to turn off the lights at night after finishing this one.



Netflix’s most underappreciated superhero television series – until season 2 arrived and quickly became one of the most-watched series of 2020. The plot revolves around a group of superhero siblings who are all mystically born at the same time from mothers who are not really visibly pregnant. The first series is a wedge thrill ride, while the second is somehow cooler, weirder, and buzzes with more energy than its predecessor – with lessons learned from last year’s moderately out of the port. The Umbrella Academy is for you when you are looking for a larger-than-life version for a super-heroic hole in your lives. Moreover, this adds immediately to your emotional evidence, as the primary material was written by Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance.


5.   DARK

When you see that you are repeatedly pulling out the hell from strange things, you will require something like that, until additional incidents happen. Enter Dark. Enter Dark. This original German-speaking Netflix does not make any bones about its aims from the start. It’s not only because it’s unusual, but because this is deep in the rotting underneath of supposedly flawless little city life, like a specific David Lynch developed TV show. In this case, the story of two missing kids causes a mysterious community concern. Nothing else is like that you’re unlikely to see. It can certainly share ideas with other popular series (children are missing, time trips, and others that are supernatural) but Dark packs a lot of singular parts in his puzzle.