The Dyson V8 Absolute – A Powerful Cordless Vacuum

The Dyson V8 Absolute is a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner. It features a Dyson direct-drive cleaner head that drives its bristles deep into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt, large debris, and fine dust. It uses a powerful digital motor V8 that generates powerful suction. The Dyson V8 head features 15 cyclones that work in tandem to increase airflow and capture dust.


A powerful cordless vacuum is an excellent option if you’re looking for a cordless vacuum that can clean your entire home. The V8 digital motor is the heart of this cordless vacuum. With this powerful cordless vacuum, you can be sure that it will work hard to remove ground-in dirt, large debris, and fine dust from your carpet. It features fifteen cyclones that work in parallel to enhance airflow.

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The V8 Absolute comes with a generous assortment of attachments. It has a dusting head, a crevice tool, a soft pet hair cleaning head, a combination tool, a wall-mounted docking station, and a mini motorised tool for vacuuming electronics. In addition, it comes with a variety of additional tools, including a hose attachment, a crevice tool, and a motorized brush roll. The V8 Absolute is the more expensive option, but it is also the most versatile and powerful.

Battery life

To prolong the battery life of your Dyson v8 absolute vacuum cleaner, use the genuine battery pack. This will protect your device from damage, increase its capacity, and put a brake on recharging cycles. It is recommended to charge your Dyson vacuum cleaner at least once every two to three weeks. The battery packs from Dyson are extremely powerful and safe. They go through a rigorous safety check to ensure that they are of high quality and perform as advertised.

The battery of a Dyson vacuum cleaner is 3500 milliamps or mAh. This capacity is adequate for an hour’s use in regular mode. But when in max mode, you may only get a few minutes’ worths of runtime. You must charge your Dyson vacuum battery within 3.5 hours or forty minutes after buying it. But remember to charge the Dyson vacuum battery completely before using it.


The new Dyson V8 Absolute has increased power to clean more efficiently. This new vacuum also has a Direct-Drive cleaner head to get rid of embedded dirt and pet hair. Its hardwood floor cleaning capabilities are outstanding with a newly developed Soft Roller Cleaning Head that is specifically designed for these surfaces. The machine can also get rid of large debris such as pet hair, dander, and tree sap. Overall, this vacuum is better than the Dyson V7 for cleaning carpets and bare floors.

The Dyson V8 Absolute has two filters, one on the handle and one on the air exhaust. The filter is washable, but you should make sure to wipe it down after every use. Also, the V8’s battery can be replaced easily, though this feature is not available in North America. The Dyson V8 Absolute comes with three attachments for different surfaces, including carpet and hard surfaces. All three attachments work great in different situations, depending on the type of surface you’re trying to clean.

Dual-filter system

The dual-filter system on the Dyson V8 Absolute is designed to catch even the smallest dust particles. Both filters are washable, but you have to dry them before putting them back in place. Do not operate your vacuum with damp filters. They can damage the machine. Both vacuums have a maximum-power setting, which adds suction power and is useful for cleaning a large room.

The V8 Absolute is the first Dyson model to come with a hygienic filter and upgraded direct drive attachment. These features solved problems with dirt disposal and improved the vacuum’s performance. This version also comes with the most attachments and nozzles for carpets and hard floors, making it the most versatile of the V8 range. Other models include Fluffy, Motorhead, and Animal. All three models have the same motor and battery, making them ideal tools out of the box. Read More