The New Emerging Trend: Alcohol-Free Beer

Alcohol-free beer has little to no alcohol content in it. It is a drink that recreates the appearance, smell, and taste of beer without incorporating any alcohol components. Moreover, in legal terms beers with around less than 0.5% of alcohol content are termed as ‘alcohol-free beers.’ 

Alcohol-free beer can be prepared using various methods. The most common and easy method is to distill the beer using heat treatment which boils off the alcohol. Other methods such as preventing alcohol formation in the brewing process (limited fermentation) are widely used, as are more industrialised processes such as reverse osmosis and vacuum distillation. 

Non-alcoholic beer comes with a number of benefits. For those trying to moderate their alcohol intake, the aromas and flavours that AF beer provides mimics the drinking experience to a tee. Moreover, it does not induce any harmful intoxicating effects. Lastly, it has very few calories in comparison to regular beer, thus can be a good option for weight-conscious people. 

Although alcohol-free beer is a much safer option than regular beer drink it does have some drawbacks. It might awaken alcohol cravings in avid drinkers as the taste is very similar. It is also not recommended for recovering alcoholics or former alcoholics.

Best Alcohol-Free Beers 

According to BBC World, the sales of alcohol-free beer have increased by 30% since 2016. Thus, there is a large variety of alcohol-free beer available in the market and it is gaining popularity increasingly. However, finding the right mix of non-alcoholic beer with perfect taste is a challenging task when you have so many options available. This is where Free Beer comes to your rescue! Free Beer is a UK based blog that was started by a former beer drinker, who’s situation and time in life has helped him develop an ever-growing love for alcohol-free beers. Free Beer has reviews for nearly all the variants of non-alcoholic beer available on the market. Moreover, this site aims to promote the message of switching to alcohol-free beers to help drinkers wishing to cut their alcohol consumption, whatever their reason for doing so may be. Free Beer is a great resource for people interested in gaining knowledge about non-alcoholic beers and their brewing processes.