Thin Blue Line Flag- Understanding the Origin, Meaning and Controversy Behind It

What began as a word became famous as a graphic illustration, then unfurled as a Thin Blue Line Flag, has long been around. Police vans, coffee cups, lapel pins, and COVID-19 masks reveal the thin blue line on them by now. Recently this flag ignited debate.

Though police officers and law enforcement advocates welcomed the symbol as a source of fraternal kinship and patriotism, some saw the thin blue line flag as a defiance banner in a time of police reform demands.

Thin Blue Line Stand For

The narrative of this line is the most accurate account of the roots. During the Crimean War, a red-coated British Army Scottish regiment stood outnumbered, heroically, against repeated Russian assaults. The British press described this initiative of the 1854 war, most prominently associated with Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem “Light Brigade Charge” as the thin red line. Law enforcement stole the image of a line of brave defenders stood instability and anarchy whose traditionally blue badges testified to true blue steadfastness and loyalty.

Thin Blue Line Flag

This flag presents a black-and-white American flag illustration with the horizontal stripe on the black backdrop under the field of white stars. The stars serve the citizenry for order and justice. The darkness reflects disorder and confusion, and according to others, a shrine to the deaths of those police officers who died of service.

Thin Blue Line Flag Displayed or Flown

It may be displayed individually, or shared with the American flag, which must remain preeminent. The light blue line flag is wholly aligned with fairness and democracy values. With a “Thin Blue Line” banner in the backdrop, President Donald Trump arrives in Macon, Ga for a campaign rally on Oct. 16, 2020. It has no unique code and is mostly adapted to showpieces and clothing design.

Will Citizens Fly Thin Blue Line Flag Indicating the Support for Police?

The thin blue line flag reflects values of democracy, liberty, courage and unity. Though it has considerable meaning for police officers’ fraternal feelings for those in the profession, it is not reserved for use exclusively by police officers.

As symbolized by starfield, people are central to flag message. Those who wish to show their respect for police officers in the mission of law and order should feel free to fly the thin blue line banner.

Unfortunately, given the current undercurrent anti-cop rhetoric, the Thin blue line flag was misidentified with racism and police brutality. Those displaying a flag or decal blue line symbolism suffered vandalism and physical harassment. Many homeowners’ groups protested the flags, and even some police departments stripped the logo from patrol stations, vans, and uniforms.