Tips To Consider Before Choosing an Entertainer for the Event

Closeup rear view of large group of people enjoying an open air concert on a summer night. There are a lot of hands raised. Blurry stage lights in background.

Entertainment is a crucial part of planning a successful event. Unfortunately, it’s most overlooked because organizers get overwhelmed. They are afraid the band won’t turn up or it’s not worth the money.

I had the same feeling when I was shopping for Spectrum Internet services. Lucky for me, everything turned out to be fine. When faced with all such doubts, it’s easier to go with the first option you stumble across. Some even leave entertainment until the last minute. Others avoid planning it altogether. The DJ, performer, or band hired can make or break an event.

Here’s a comprehensive to make your event worth remembering and choosing the best entertainer:

#1: Match the Entertainment to the Event

Before starting out, think about what type of entertainment will work best for the venue and attendees. An easy way out is to consider who will attend the event. Learn about the age of your audience, their taste, and expectations. You could have exquisite taste in music but if your guests prefer metal music, you will have to hire a metal band.

If it’s an evening event, a live band is a solid choice. Professional bands have experience in catering to a diverse crowd. Choose the best band to adjust to the needs of the audience.

#2: Seeks Referrals Before Booking

Do all the research you can and speak to different people in the industry who can help you choose the right entertainment. Referrals can be great to find the right entertainment. This will eliminate all the guesswork required in choosing the right one and reduce the risk of hiring poor entertainment.

#3: Vet the Quality of Entertainment

When hiring an entertainer, make sure they are excellent in what they do. There are a few ways to ensure that:

See them in action  

If you can see them perform before the event, that would be great. This way, you will know exactly what they can deliver. However, it’s not possible in all cases unless you are actually invited to see them perform live.

Check their videos or pictures instead. Most entertainers have a digital gallery on their website. Go ahead and explore it.

Check the reviews

Before making the final call, check the third party reviews. If you are hiring them through an entertainment platform, you will find reviews on the profile of all entertainers. Make a decision based on other people’s experience plus your research and you will have no regrets.

#4: Ask About the Price

Take the time to understand what is included in the fee of the entertainer. Choose a package that fits the needs of the event. Here are some questions you must ask:

  • What is the format of the show?
  • How long will the show last?
  • Are there any special requirements?
  • Does the package include traveling costs?
  • Is public liability insurance included?
  • Are there any hidden charges?

#5: Check the Availability of the Entertainer

You might have made up your mind about hiring a particular entertainment. Before making the reservation, ask if they are available. I know this sounds obvious but it’s better to ask.

The calendars of entertainers fill fast. If you are making a reservation during the period peak, chances are their slots are full. In that case, make a reservation in advance.

#6: Sign an Agreement

All professional entertainers provide a written agreement outlining everything you have agreed upon. It’s fine if the agreement is not formal or lengthy. As long as it includes everything you have asked for, you are good.

#7: Contact Them Before the Show

Get in touch with the entertainer before the event. It’s great if they call you first. This is a sign they are professional. Calling up before the show ensures both of you are on the same page on the event of the details.

#8: Have a Back-Up Plan in Place

Most likely you won’t need a backup plan but we are at the mercy of unexpected circumstances. It’s prudent to have a plan B. Entertainment is central to the event. If the entertainer can’t make it somewhere, have a playlist ready.

You can also ask them if they have a backup entertainer in case of an emergency. Ask will they offer a refund in case no replacement is available.

#9: Don’t Panic

Last but not the least, don’t panic. Tons of resources are out there to help you eliminate the stress and hire an entertainment best suiting your needs. I was able to find a lot of information about Spectrum copperas cove tx when I was considering their services. The key is to do research. You can also choose entertainment agencies that handle the work on your behalf.

If there’s one tip you should follow – book as early as you can. There is nothing worse than coming across the best entertainer and finding they are booked.