Useful Android Apps, 10 Downloads You Shouldn’t Miss

Bubble, compass, WiFi analyzer, planetarium, calendar (of course) and much more. Discover the useful Android apps that your smartphone cannot miss, especially if you travel frequently. These are valuable tools to always carry with you. Here are the details.

1) Spirit level – Bubble

It’s called Bubble and it’s a real bubble level. If you are a professional you know very well what it can be used for (and even if it is not a professional tool, it has the advantage of being always at hand). If you are not in the trade, know that a spirit level can serve you in an infinite number of circumstances. Even at home, if you are finally assembling the board and do not have a spirit level at home or if you want to check the perfect alignment of your ping pong table before starting a tournament with friends, if you need any kind of help regarding professional work then go-ahead with an animation company. In short, it can help, you never know. The download is free and users seem to be happy with it, so it could very well be among the useful Android apps on your personal device. The app has a built-in ruler, a 2D ruler and a bubble ruler, which ensure you measure more fully and choose the unit of measurement (millimeters, centimeters or inches).

2) WiFi analyzer

Dissatisfied with the quality of your WiFi signal? Before hooking up on the phone with your carrier’s call center, download this app. What does he do? It analyzes proximity wireless networks and gives you an estimate of how many are using the same channel (which can therefore slow down the connection speed or become saturated). The WiFi analyzer gives you the most useful optimization information to facilitate the reduction of interference and increase the speed and stability of the connection. The app is free and compatible with all Android devices. You may not need it if you live in the open countryside, but if you are in a condominium in a big city… maybe it could be very useful!

3) Planetarium – Star Walk

Who said we only need to download apps that are useful for work? If in your free time you are passionate about astronomy or if you simply like to spend the starry evenings with your nose up, you can’t miss Star Walk. You will learn about the constellations, completely free thanks to this app for Android. In addition to magnificent visualizations, you can easily explain celestial movements to your children and distinguish stars and planets. You will also have at your disposal the astronomical calendar of the current year and many other small curiosities to satisfy.

4) Pocket

Do you have a free minute and spend it surfing the web? Do you find interesting things that you would like to reread or deepen later, recipes that you would like to test and so on? Don’t worry, save everything on Pocket. Among the useful Android apps, Pocket enters the pole position by right, because it allows you to save all your searches. Organize and consult on the fly whenever you want:

  • Video
  • Web pages
  • Recipes
  • Newspaper articles

And thanks to the listening function, you have your hands free and your eyes don’t get tired. In addition, the clean layout allows you to read even long without straining your eyes. At any time, on the saved content, you can switch to the web view.

The app is free and is marked, within the Play Store, as “not to be missed” with over 200 thousand downloads and a very high rating.

5) Compass

Impossible to lose orientation! Compass is definitely one of the useful Android apps you should download. You may not need it in the city, where you can surely reach every place using Google Maps, but if you happen to have a picnic, it could be a precious resource. This app, reviewed almost 5 stars by over 20 thousand users who have downloaded it, is simple, free and without ads. Once started, it is able to easily indicate you:

  • Magnetic north
  • The time of sunrise and sunset
  • The address of your location
  • Your coordinates in DMS, DMM, DD or UTM
  • The actual altitude

Does it seem useless to you? It is not, seeing is believing. The Compass app is compatible with all Android devices.

6) Mirror – Makeup and Shaving

Meeting on the fly? Arriving out of breath for an important appointment? Better take a quick look at your appearance to make sure you look flawless. Maybe the ladies still have the mirror in their purse, but the boys certainly don’t. Here is a free app that promises to be a great alternative to the emergency mirror. In addition, it has the advantage of being discreetly installed on the smartphone and always being at hand, even when you don’t have bags and purses in tow. Many Android smartphones have a mirror app already installed by default, but this – according to the comments of users who have downloaded it – seems to work better from the point of view of brightness.

7) Business Calendar PRO

Do you want to have your agenda always under control among the useful Android apps? Download Business Calendar PRO, the paid version (5.95 euros per download, at the time of writing) that allows you to have your schedule at your fingertips. Not only that you can easily share them on all devices and even between groups (for example, in a team of freelance or in a workgroup). The paid version has several additional features like

  • Widgets configurable in different ways
  • Adding recurring events
  • Link a contact to an event

And many other functions. If you prefer, although the graphics are a bit Spartan, you can download the free version of Business Calendar: you will always have time to do the paid download.

8) QR and Barcode Scanner

Compatible with all Android devices, it is a paid app. downloading it costs – at the time of writing very well quoted. Once launched, it allows your device to read product and poster barcodes. This app is capable of scanning and reading all QR codes (all types of 1D and 2D codes) including:

  • Text
  • Url
  • Contact
  • ISBN
  • Calendar
  • Product

9) Magnifying Glass – Magnifying glass

Do you have to read the contractual captions or any other text too small for the naked eye? Well, download the magnifying glass and use your camera for this purpose. This is a free utility app that can also integrate your smartphone’s flashlight to enhance the lighting. Any useful ideas for its application to everyday life?

  • You can find items in the bag, even in the dark
  • You can read the number of series behind appliances if you’re on the phone with the assistance
  • You can replace a light bulb with very little available light
  • You can read all the footnotes of contracts, medicines, etc.
  • You can read the menu in a dimly lit restaurant

All this by exploiting a zoom up to 10x and the still image that allows you to view enlarged photos paying attention to details. Concerned about privacy? The developers, with a note, reassure: “We ask for the permission of the camera only to zoom things, no other purpose. Do not worry”.

10) Find my device

Did you leave your smartphone lying around? Install this app so that you don’t get caught by the unexpected (unpleasant, beyond doubt). Thanks to geolocation, the app is able to find your smartphone, watch or tablet on a map. You can locate the device both outside (through integration with Google Maps) and inside, if you have lost it in large places such as shopping malls, large offices or airports. The app is able to make the smartphone play a loud sound, even if it has been set in silent mode. Thanks to this application you can also reset the device, block it or show a message with the phone number to contact for delivery. The Find My Device app is part of Google Play Protect and requires the following permissions during installation:

• Location: needed to show the current location of the device on the map.

• Contacts: required to access the email address associated with your Google Account.

Don’t like the apps we have chosen for you? Have fun customizing your smartphone, choosing from the useful Android apps that you can find in the “Tools” section of the Google Play Store. Soon, all you need to have everything at your fingertips will be just your personal device!