What are the physical effects of ALD-52?

Many people think that ALD-52 is a new drug, but they are wrong. It is an old drug that was not in the limelight until the 1960s. It was then when the world focused on this drug and started to research on the possible effects of the same.

After some initial research, we found out that it is dangerous in a lot of senses. This was the point when most countries placed a ban on ALD-52 while others announced severe punishment for people that are involved in trading of this drug.

As a result, we have limited data when it comes to this drug. There are several physicals and visual effects of ALD-52. You must know that using this drug is illegal in most countries except for research purpose. So, if you need ALD-52 wholesale, you can anytime contact Lizard Labs. They will serve you this drug for research purposes.

Now let us move towards the physical effects of this critical drug.


The stimulation effects of ALD-52 are similar to that of LSD. This is for the same reason that many countries consider this drug a part of LSD. When it comes to banning, they consider that banning LSD is enough to ban ALD-52.

Physical sensations

This drug has a very strong physical sensation. When someone takes the drug in a lower dose, they get somehow weaker effects. The person is moving somehow, with sharp movements. However, the body high of this drug is very intense when you take it in higher doses.

Even in the medium dose, the effect of this drug is very severe. A person may find himself rolling on the ground in pleasure when he takes a medium dose of this drug. Some people say that they can’t describe the pleasure of using this drug. However, they become very high when the limit reach.

Physical euphoria

This effect is not very reliable, and many people can’t describe it. Many people even don’t know when this condition arrives on them. They just find discomfort in all things when they experience ALD-52. However, the effect is still less reliable than entactogens.

There are other strong or weak physical effects too of ALD-52. The most common of them include the person thinking that his weight reduced, nausea, more stamina after taking the drug, and appetite suppression. These were all the negative physical effects of ALD-52 that motivates lawmakers to make it illegal.