What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance And Why Is It Important?

Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is among the many insurance policies you can get for yourself. At times we get confused about what comprehensive coverage means and what it has to offer and in that ignorance, we opt for other insurance options. If this is you, here we will discuss comprehensive car insurance and everything it has to offer.

What Is Comprehensive Car Insurance:

Comprehensive car insurance isn’t the usual cheap car insurance although it is very affordable in some US states. This insurance coverage is one of the insurance you can have added to your insurance policy. It covers most damages to your car that is not due to an accident when you are driving.

What we are trying to say in essence is that comprehensive car insurance is additional coverage you get for your car for cases other than an accident. It is considered to be a premium coverage. For a better insight on what comprehensive car insurance covers, see the list below

  • Damage from falling objects
  • Shattered windows and windshield
  • Damage as a result of natural disasters
  • Vandalism and theft
  • Damage as a result of a fire outbreak and explosions
  • Civil disturbances
  • Damage as a result of collisions with animals

What is not covered in comprehensive car insurance:

As much as comprehensive car insurance is important and is a must-have, certain things are not covered under this coverage. They include;

  • Damage incurred on your vehicle as a result of an accident
  • Damage incurred on another driver’s car as a result of an accident
  • Coverage for medical bills or loss of income after an accident has occurred
  • Coverage for medical bills or loss of income for another driver after an accident has occurred
  • Rental car coverage after filing a claim

Because comprehensive car insurance does not cover the above listed, you will need to have other types of insurance that offer coverage for such damages examples, liability coverage, extended car warranties, collision coverage, etc.

Comprehensive car insurance may or may not offer coverage for driving other cars. This depends on your insurance policy provider. Initially, it was one of the coverages offered in comprehensive car insurance but with time, many insurance providers offered comprehensive car insurance for driving other cars only under a fully comprehensive car insurance policy.

What Is Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance:

Fully comprehensive car insurance is the highest form of coverage you can acquire for your car. It offers coverage for both you and your car as well as other drivers.it covers everything under the comprehensive car insurance as well as accidental damage due to negligence.

Although fully comprehensive car insurance may be the highest form of insurance you can get for your car, there are some things that are not covered under it, such as;

  • If you incurred any damage to your car while driving under the influence of alcohol, fully car comprehensive insurance will not cover such damage.
  • If you’re driving without a valid license and damage happens during driving, your insurance provider is unlikely to approve your claim.
  • Comprehensive car insurance has a list of guidelines to follow, violating such rules, and getting your car damaged in the process, you will not get any coverage.
  • If your car is damaged as a result of basic wear and tear that you can handle yourself, comprehensive car insurance will not cover such damage.
  • If your personal properties or car is stolen due to improper security like leaving the windows and doors open, your claim may not be approved. However, it is sometimes difficult to know if the insurance policyholder involved in such a claim is telling the truth.

It is important that you go through your insurance policy document to verify and have knowledge of what and what is covered under your comprehensive car insurance in order not to file a void claim.

How Much Does Comprehensive Car Insurance Cost:

The cost of comprehensive car insurance is never the same among various insurance providers. However, you may need to top your usual car insurance with a couple of hundred or thousands of dollars.

This greatly depends on the type of comprehensive car insurance online you decide to go for, your insurance provider, and your state of residence.

Comprehensive car insurance is very much worth every penny. You can’t file a claim for the damages it covers with liability insurance or collision insurance coverage.

At the end of the day, it boils down to whether or not you are willing to spend that extra cash for a great deal of coverage. 

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