What is Crypto and how to buy bitcoin in India?

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More and more people discover cryptocurrency each day, as it is now known to have a lot of potential for the future of the economy. One who wants to start working with cryptocurrency might want to join a crypto exchange bitcoin live price usd in order to be able to perform basic operations, like buying and selling bitcoin in btc to usd and more. One cryptocurrency exchange in India of this sort is Bit Globals, found atbitglobals.com.

Any cryptocurrency exchange offers the opportunity of trading – buying crypto for real money or other cryptocurrency and converting it vice-versa to withdraw money. Bit Globals works with Bitcoin and traditional money. The Bitcoin Price for selling operations on Bit Globals is higher than on most exchanges, meaning that you receive more money when selling your bitcoins. Moreover, the transaction is completed on the same day and no fee is to be paid. Bitcoins can be transferred from one wallet to another globally, making it possible to send money abroad at the best usd exchange rate on the same conditions as it is done within a single country. More than 150+ currencies used worldwide are available for exchange.

Just like traditional currency exchanges, a cryptocurrency exchange may ask for your personal information, such as identity data and your address. This is often done to ensure that the users are not criminals and do not participate in money fraud. There also is a non-KYC scenario, where the cryptocurrency exchange receives little to none of your personal data. Whether you do not mind submitting your identity details or prefer to stay more or less anonymous, you can choose between a KYC & non KYC trading account. Both are valid options on Bitglobals.com, and one can be changed for another at any point.

With an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, you can store your currency in a wallet. Not only can you buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin, but you can use it as regular money to buy goods and services online, as many of them accept crypto payments now. Bit Globals provides a Mastercard for that function. A physical version of the card may be issued if a user needs it; it will function just as any modern debit card. Otherwise, it can be used as any other virtual debit card. It can work as a replacement for multiple cards, as it is possible to store different currencies on one Bit Global card. You can pay withBitglobals Master Card anywhere in the world. When you pay with the card, you also receive a considerable cashback percentage in usd.

If you would like to get into cryptocurrency trading on a convenient exchange with good extras, you can create a Bitglobals account now.