Personal Health Records (PHRs) are the health records of individuals to help the patients manage their health and keep a record on their improvement of health status over the past few years. Personal health records include immunization reports, lab results and metabolic cooking reviews .Personal Health Records are important to be maintained for our future reference as well.

Benefits of maintaining a PHR-

There are many benefits of maintaining a Personal Health Record. A few can be stated as Personal Health Records help to ensure that the patient information is available. This makes the work of the doctors easier, in case of any future emergencies. PHRs are essential for patients to keep a track on their health status as this will help them and their doctors take decisions regarding any changes to be made in the prescription plan or not. anabolic cooking reviews PHRs are an assurance for a person on his health issues and also on the treatment of these issues.

Healthy Lifestyle

PHRs also help in reducing the Administrative costs and also encourage family health management.  It helps people track their health over time and aids them in managing their health. It helps us have an idea on our doctor visits, and also have a track on the medicines required as well.


Hence, PHRs are very much essential and play a vital role in knowing about a person’s present health condition and the necessities required for the medication of the person or patient in the future.