Will Sunil Gurjar Ever Be Held Accountable For His Debauchery And Swindling?  All You Need To Know.

Sunil Gurjar is the adopted son of late Govind Singh Gurjar who was the former lieutenant governor general of Puducherry, a member of the legislative assembly of Nazirabad and former prime minister of Rajasthan. Sunil came to limelight in the year 2010 as a power broker of high profile, based in Delhi, who was largely involved in the infamous Bhanwari Devi murder case conspiracy. He has allegedly committed a number of crimes for which he has not been held accountable even almost a decade after the incident that brought him into focus.

What was the turning point in the life of Sunil Gurjar that ignited all the fire?

  • Sunil Gurjar Bhanwari Deviis considered to be a major piece of the puzzle that took off in the year 2010, involving the auxiliary nurse and midwife Bhanwari Devi who always remained in the touch of various corrupt political leaders and a well-known former water resources minister and Indian politician from Rajasthan. Gurjar allegedly somehow came into the possession of a copy of another original compact disk which contained a clandestine and illicit video of about 52 minutes long. Even though the original compact disk was with Bhanwari Devi, the copy was enough for Sunil to use it against the people involved in the video and blackmail them for over a year.
  • It is believed, that following all that took place, Gurjar reached an agreement with a buyer who was interested to buy the outlawed compact disk, and struck a deal with him. All of this was done behind the back of the midwife and the political leader from Rajasthan. In fact, the latter came to know about it all, 2 years after the deal was settled and the payment was made.
  • Sunil even tried to gain the woman’s trust by an unscrupulous act. He supposedly faked a kidnap by his own henchman and then saved her.
  • There are numerous other black deeds performed by Gurjar that he is yet to be held accountable for. It is believed that a non-profit organization and non-government organization started and ran by Sunil Gurjar that collaborates with several other organizations for the alleviation of poverty and upliftment of the poor is in reality, absolutely fraudulent and is just a trick to draw money out from others in the name of the government. He also scammed his brother in law for the property.

All in all,Sunil Gurjar Bhanwari Devi remains to be one of the biggest scam artists in the political history of India and is yet to answer for all that he has done.